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No. 41 (Summer 1959)


36      Elizabeth Gourlay: The Brink of Destruction

      Duncan C. Scott: Copy of Letter by Duncan Campbell Scott to Ralph Gustafson (17 July '45)

1        C. Frederick Boyle: End or Beginning
2        Dorothy Livesay: Three Poems
3        Charles Farber: Mimicry
4        Ralph Gustafson: Two Poems
5        Stan Obodiac: The Individual
6        Errol Pritchard: Two Poems
8        Patrick H. Thomas: Overheard Prayer
8        R. L. Cook: Two Poems
11      Marion Montgomery: Only When Five
11      Dorothy Quick: Season of Amber
15      Mike Gnarowski: Man from the Middle Kingdom
15      Alden A. Nowlan: Moon
17      Charles Shaw: Metropolitan Moment
18      Jerry M. Wheeler: The Reluctant Patron
18      Joan Swift: The Footprint
19      J. C. Stockdale: Front and Center
20      Edith Ogutsch: The Strawberry Snake
21      Milton Acorn: Poem in June
22      deLancey Torrie: The Monk's Last Miniature
22      Thelma Reid Lower: Rosario
23      Paul Valery (trans. K. W. Maurer): Lost Wine
23      Robert Gibbs: The Last Wind's Last Word
24      Milton Kessler: Leaf Pain
24      Raymond Currier: Four Scenes from the Inner World
26      E. Guy: While White Against the Sky
26      Joan De Longchamps:Two Poems
29      Hope Stoddard: Winter Wheat
29      Clarence Alva Powell: The Wings of Song
30      Jack Lowther Wilson: Four Poems
32      Lenore A. Pratt: Allegory
33      George Murray: A Biography
33      John Robert Colombo: Annuntio Gaudium Magnum
34      Larry Eigner: No Chair Tipped Over
34      Jack Howard: For Dolores
35      George Johnston: Time in a Public Ward
43      Ellen L. Shearer: Experience Dreams and Visions
44      Milovan Jovanovic (trans. B. H. Pavlovic): Two Poems
45      Cathy Harmon Arthur: Or?
45      Curtis Zahn: Unauthorized Lyrics for Any Old Marching Song
46      Walter Stuart: The Secret
47      John Haag: Return
48      William Corrington: Reformation
49      Fred Swayze: Family Plot
50      Parm Mayer: The Skims After Dark and An Old Man in a Mackinaw
51      Alexandra Grilikhes: Kassandra
52      Rob McKenzie: Jocasta Waiting at Styx
52      Fred Cogswell: Three Poems
53      Dorothy Rebentisch: Nightshade of Loneliness
54      J. Phoenice: The Present
54      Alfred Dorn: Survivals
55      A. Kirby Congdon: Poem

56      Trevor Lennam: Worlds Apart, Norman Williams
56      A. Robert Rogers: Faces of Love, Mary Elizabeth Bater
          In Her Mind Carrying, Verna Loveday Harden
          The Heart is Fire, Douglas Lochhead
          Poems, Michael Collie
58      Fred Cogswell: Fortress and Ease, Marjorie Battock
          A Gathering (Poems, 1959), Arthur S. Bourinot
60      Alden A. Nowlan: Letters to a Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke
          Prismatic Voices, C. A. Muses
60      Fred Cogswell: Passage After Midnight, William Pillin
62      Alden A. Nowlan: Intervales, a Literary Magazine published by the Arts Society of the University of New Brunswick
63      Fred Cogswell: The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse, ed. Ralph Gustafson

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