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No. 49 (Summer 1961)


23      Jack Crawford, Jr.: The Blue-Eyed Brain
32      Franz Kafka (trans. K. W. Maurer): First Grief

3        Fred Swayze: Canadians Seen
5        Antoni Gronowicz: Even the Solid Hills
6        Raeburn Miller: Poem Instead of a Letter
7        Padraig O Broin: The Dark Stroller (from the Irish)
8        Lawrence P. Spingarn: The London Journal: 1763
9        Charles Philbrick: On the Bashing of Boaters
10      Louis Ginsberg: Three Poems
11      Bernice Ames: In a Season of Grief
12      M. Morris: Three Poems
14      Fred Manson: Two Poems
17      Seymour Mayne: Fruit-Bombs
18      Barbara Overmyer: Ubersetzung
18      Milovan Jovanovic (trans. B. H. Pavlovic): A Talk Between the Cypress and the Weeping Willow
20      George Bowering: Three Poems
22      Sidney Astor: Two Poems
26      Geoffrey Holloway: Therapeutic Abortion
28      Lloyd Abbey: Poem
29      Henry A. Hicks: Here I Am
30      Amy Groesbeck: City Bar: 5 p.m.
30      Margaret Secrist: All Life
31      Frank D. Zingrone: Zoroastrian Sun
31      Julian Brown: Scourge of Neurosis
32      Dorothy Fraser: The Double-Bass Player
35      Arthur S. Bourinot: Brave New World
36      Elizabeth K. Campbell: Sonnets from a Sequence
39      Roger W. Wescott: Awe
40      Jeanette Chappell: Loxahatchee
40      Adam Gillon: A String
41      Will Inman: Tempering the Will
42      James Singer: Virginia
42      Heinz Fischer: A Broken Rainbow
44      M. E. Drew: The Spinster
44      Menke Katz: Women in Love with Death
45      Constance Charters: The Condition of Beauty
46      John Pym: All Through the House
46      Michael Levy: The Bandage
47      Linden Peebles: Love in the Nearer Galaxy
48      David Pearson Etter: Two Poems
49      Florence A. Dietz: The Shock
49      Martin Robbins: In emptiness is a deliciousness
50      Sanford Sternlicht: Slum Clearance
51      Gertrude Katz: Communication
52      Neil Murray: Poem
52      Rose Rosberg: Two Poems
53      Michael Collie: Sonnet
54      Jack Lowther Wilson: Poem for Esther

54      J. K. Johnstone: The Problem of Tragedy, S. Morris Engel
55      Alden A. Nowlan: Three Books Worth Reading
          Rocky Mountain Poems, Ralph Gustafson
          In The Egyptian Gallery, Fred Swayze
          The Crafe So Longe To Lerne, Alfred Purdy
57      Fred Cogwell: Twice to Flame, Dorothy Roberts
          The Brain's the Target, Milton Acorn
61      Desmond Pacey: The Swinging Flesh, Irving Layton

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