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No. 51 (Winter 1962)


20      Raymond J. Fraser: The Warm Wind Goes
40      Jacob Zilber: The Slicing Machine

1        Fred Cogswell: At St. Andrew's Castle
2        William Corrington: Inside Job
3        August Derleth: The Alders in the Window
4        Irving Layton: Two Poems
5        Elizabeth Gourlay: Notation on Relativity
6        John Tagliabue: Oddly in Stillness They Roundly Sing
6        Dorothy Roberts: Two Poems
8        Lenore Kandel: Six Poems
10      Maud Rubin: Mummified We Lie
11      Peter Dale Scott: Lizard
12      Anthony Naumann: Three Poems
14      Ray Mizer: Five Ways of Looking at a Toad
15      Bernice O'Keefe: Pheasant Hunt
16      Evelyn Adams: Night Caller
16      Alan Dixon: Two Poems
18      Seymour Mayne: Two Poems
19      Raymond J. Fraser: Fragments Opus 59
25      Eve Norton: Togetherness: a Narration
25      Frank D. Zingrone: Traces
26      Aaron Kramer: Rumshinsky's Hat
28      Luetta Dosman Trehas: Equator Years
29      Charles B. Tinkham: All There Is (For W. J.)
30      Peter Miller: Two Poems
32      Tracy Thompson: Three Poems
33      Guy Gauthier: Memories for Two
36      Don Eulert: Husband
37      Leroy Johnson: Bootleg Coal
37      deLancey Torrie: Notes for an Irish Canadian Girl's Portrait
38      Denis Knight: Two Poems
44      Edith Ogutsch: Under a Streetlamp in Piccadilly Circus
45      J. Phoenice: Word of Return
45      Martin Sherwood: Sisyphus
46      K. V. Hertz: Three Poems
48      Heinz Fischer: The Adoration of the Magi
49      Ellen L. Shearer: Five Poems
52      Jack Collum: Rubitzahl
54      Lucien Stryk: Two Poems
56      Bonnie Elizabeth Parker: Blinded Gods
56      Reginald Shawcross: Poet's Holiday
57      Antoni Gronowicz: dream
58      Rainer Maria Rilke (trans. K. W. Maurer): Sonnets to Orpheus: Part One, V
58      Colette Inez: Instructions for the Erection of a Statue of Myself in Central Park

59      Alec Lucas: Under The Ice, Alden A. Nowlan
63      Desmond Pacey: A Group of Seven
          The Masks of Fiction, ed. A. J. M. Smith
          The Mountain and the Valley, Ernest Buckler
          Where Nests the Water Hen, Gabrielle Roy
          The Town Below, Roger Lemelin
          The History of Emily Montague, Frances Brooke
          My Discovery of England, Stephen Leacock

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