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No. 52 (Spring 1962)


14      Lee Brian: William Tell
36      Alden A. Nowlan: True Confession
39      Alden A. Nowlan: Hainesville is Not the World

1        Kay Smith: Three Poems
3        Roy Macskimming: Prayer in March
4        Anne Marriott: The Spring Park
5        D. La Rochelle: Snails
6        John Harney: Two Poems
7        Jack Lowther Wilson: Sea Widow
8        Malcolm Lowry: Three Poems
9        Archie Rosenhouse: An Unwanted Child
10      Robert Gibbs: Visitors from the City
11      deLancey Torrie: Dream for Reincarnation
12      Thelma Reid Lower: Now is the Time of the Dripping of Trees...
12      Sonia Puchalski: It is the Season of Rain
13      Adam Gillon: Memory
20      William E. Taylor: Fairy Song
20      Padraig O Broin: Jealousy
21      Donald W. Baker: A Seaside Ballad
22      Warren Stevenson: When She Pulled the Trigger
22      Lillian Morrison: The Rife Kisses
23      George Bowering: The Night Before Morning
24      James Singer: Two Poems
25      Michael John Nimchuk: Evening, July, Lake Simcoe, East Shore
26      H. M. Hershberger: Spring Song
26      Rose Rosberg: Lunar Viewpoint
27      K. V. Hertz: Eight Poems
30      Tracy Thompson: Seven Poems
34      Jane S. Wygal: For a Dead Quince Bush
34      James Binney: Who Said This Hour Had Died?
35      Leonard Opalov: Remembered Trifles
42      Robin Johnson: Caution: Undertow
42      Fanny Ventadour: Off Course
43      Florence Victor: Funeral
44      Alexander Taylor: Two Poems
45      Marvyne Shael Jenoff: Lost
46      Dolores Stewart: Perpetual Myth
47      K. P. A. Taylor: Equinox
48      George Murray: Two Poems
49      Frank D. Zingrone: Podophyllin Days
50      Robin Mathews: To a Tiger
50      Anne Scott: Poem
51      Ray Mizer: Naturally
52      Hans Natonek: Three Cities
52      Willis Eberman: Persian Fragment
53      Charles Shaw: Sported Oak
53      Maxine Cassin: On the Birth of Gods
54      John M. Reynolds: I Am the Wind

56      Jean C. S. Wilson: The Inferno From La Divina Commedia of Dante Aligheri, Warwick Chipman
61      Desmond Pacey: Acis in Oxford, Robert Finch
          The Sun is Axeman, D. G. Jones
          Wind in a Rocky Country, Alden Nowlan
          A Beach of Strangers, John Reeves
62      Fred Cogswell: Two Anthologies
          Poems for 27 Cents by Lorna Chaisson, Maria Van Den Yssel, Stan Fisher, Gertrude Katz, Alan Pearson, ed. Irving Layton
          Poetry 62, ed. Eli Mandel

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