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No. 53 (Summer 1962)


21      Desmond Pacey: When She Comes Over
38      Hugh Hood: The Chess Match

1        John Glassco: A Point of Sky
5        Barbara Overmyer: Melusine
9        Marvyne Jenoff: Smile Not
10      M. Morris: Two Poems
11      Robert Lewis Weeks: The Passion for Bells
14      Vida C. Ungaro: Out of Season
14      Mary Humphrey Baldridge: Two Poems
15      John M. Reynolds: Stripping Like Bathers
16      Luella Booth: Landscape
17      Parm Mayer: Thunder on the Mountain
18      Charles Edward Eaton: Guided Tour
18      Charles Farber: Something that Does not End or Begin
19      David Penson: Two Poems
20      Adam Gillon: War Veteran
20      Rainer Maria Rilke (trans. E. M. Valk): Two Poems
21      W. R. Chadwick: Miss Cheam
26      Louis Ginsberg: Spring Rapture
28      Gil Orlovitz: Twicetold Tale
29      Sanford Sternlight: Beauty
30      George Libbrecht: Fords
31      Edmund L. Bindsfield: The Dumb Man to His God
32      Ruth Forbes Sherry: Christ in Times Square
32      Tracy Thompson: Three Poems
34      Emilie Glen: Two Waiting
35      Stan Obodiac: Two Poems
36      Frances Davis: Two Poems
37      M. Charles Rebert: Antique Couple
47      G. V. Downes: The Other Room
48      Robert Haiduke: Meeting with Robert Frost (June 28th, 1961)
49      Marion Schoeberlein: Basket of Summer
49      Bruce Mowatt: A Swan to his Reflection
50      Joan Finnigan: Felling of the Tree
51      K. V. Hertz: Two Poems
52      Betty Jane Wylie: Grantly Dick Reed, Take Note
53      Don Gutteridge: The Old Man Listens
53      Carl Linder: Two Old Ladies Sitting on a Mountain
54      David Cassidy: The Double-Bass Player Answers
54      Consuelo Stahl: Heartache-Lullaby from the Mediterranian Sea
55      Charles Black: The Visitor
56      Dorothy Roberts: Provider

57      Alden Nowlan: A Touch of Recognition, Maxine Cassin
61      Eli Mandel: Creative Writing in Canada Reviewed
          Creative Writing in Canada, Desmond Pacey

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