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No. 54 (Autumn 1962)


24      Raymond J. Fraser: Captive
43      Michael John Nimchuk: Pigeon

1        Lenore A. Pratt: Regret
2        Joan Finnegan: Girl with Parasol
3        Ulmont Ives: Memorial Day
4        Elizabeth Brewster: Three Sonnets on The Scarlet Letter
5        M. Parr: Flesh Made a Parable
6        M. Travis Lane: Two Poems
7        Evelyn Adams: Chipmunk
8        Dorothy Roberts: Found
8        Kay Smith: A Sunday Walk in Late February
9        G. V. Downes: Two Poems
10      K. W. Maurer: The Rower (After Paul Valery)
11      Stella Jaye: Since
12      Luella Booth: Two Poems
13      Raymond Currier: The Guru
14      John Bruce: Three Poems
15      Terry Stewart: The Proletariat
16      Penn Kime: A Moment on the Gulf Beach
17      Eric Sellin: Refinery
18      David Bromige: Cypress Falls
20      K. V. Hertz: Four Poems
21      Dorothy Rath: Tightrope '61
22      Milton Acorn: Three Poems
23      Bernard Brody: My Window in the Rain
27      Geoffrey Holloway: Son
28      Goodridge MacDonald: Of Childhood
28      Seymour Mayne: Storm
28      Kelly Lane: Alcides
29      Sadie Robertson: Vermilion
30      Menke Katz: A Psalm
31      Charles Shaw: In the Rain
31      Marguerite Torney: I Placeed a Print
32      Gwendolyn MacEwan: Explodes, For Instance
32      Betty Jane Wylie: Muddy Waters
33      Julian Tuwim: Life
33      Michael Walbank: Two Poems
34      John Harney: Friends and Relations
36      Jordan Clifford: Two Poems
36      Sue Abbott Boyd: Season of Fear
37      Edith Ogutsch: The Confession
38      Mary Weekes: In Boylston Park
38      Ruth Forbes Sherry: Plato Recalls His Teacher
39      Margaret R. Dodge: Is it Really You?
40      Thelma Reid Lower: The Marble Trophy
40      J. Phoenice: The Covered Hind
41      Myrtle Reynold Adams: Willow Secrets
42      Michael John Nimchuk: Olé
50      Lucien Stryk: The Squirrel
51      Louise Darcy: Spinster to Matron
51      Anne Margaret Angus: Burial Offering
52      Tracy Thompson: Five Poems
54      deLancey Torrie: Two Poems
55      Eric Thompson: Sunset, Moonrise
55      Lilian Symons: Circa 1961
56      Jane Johnson: Poet
56      Jean Boudin: Compromise

56       M. Travis Lane: In The Clearing, Robert Frost
60       Fred Cogswell: Twelve Letters to a Small Town, James Reaney
           Dover Beach Revisited and Other Poems, Robert Finch
62       Lauriat Lane, Jr.: Raymond Souster's Poetry
           Place of Meeting, Raymond Souster
           A Local Pride, Raymond Souster

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