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No. 55 (Winter 1963)


30      Albert Drake: A Perch for the Eagle

1        E. J. Rose: Poem
2        Elizabeth Gourley: A Measure
2        Ralph Cunningham: Chester Village
5        Steve Smith: Loneliness Would Not Drown
6        Alden Nowlan: Sailors
6        Raymond J. Fraser: Four Poems
8        Kay Smith: Messenger
9        D. I. Lancashire: Synthetic A Posteriori
10      M. E. Atwood: Avalon Revisited
13      Will H. Blackwell: Seaweed
14      Gil Orlovitz: Two Poems
15      Milton Acorn: Three Poems
16      Arthur S. Bourinot: Beauty, Where Have You Fled?
17      G. V. Downes: The Town That Never Lived
18      John Tagliabue: Ten Poems
19      William J. Noble: If We Knew
20      Lionel Willis: Flight
20      June Drysdale: Winter is Prodigal
21      Patrick H. Thomas: Two Poems
22      Tom Malcolm: Not the Little Kings...
22      Hugh Finn: At Grass-Level: Central Africa
23      W. Theodore Black: By the Sea
24      J. A. S. Evans: Two Poems
24      Evelyn Adams: Indian River Dam
25      Fred Swayze: The Mouse in Brant's Tomb
26      William McIlvaney: Goodbye, Forsyth: (To a Boy Leaving School)
27      Lucien Stryk: And They Call This Living
28      Tracy Thompson: Four Poems
29      W. R. Chadwick: Mrs. McGombie Brown
42      M. Parr: Genesis
43      Margaret Secrist: The Lashing
44      Fred Cogswell: The Guest
44      Louis Ginsberg: Quiet in the House
45      Vida C. Ungaro: The Unvisited
45      Fanny Ventadour: Low Tide
46      Aaron Kramer: Mr. Lucky and the Wind
48      William Prouty: Two Poems
49      Jean Boudin: — And You Shall Find
49      Marilyn Machum: The Aspirant
50      Jack Collom: Two Poems
52      Mabel Macdonald Carver: Two Poems
53      Edmund L. Binsfeld: Surrender
54      Marion Schoeberlein: The World to One
54      Dorothy Fraser: Frobisher Bay
55      Livingston Welch: Country of the Shadows
55      Menke Katz: Mirror-Writing
56      Friedrich Holderlin (trans. K. W. Maurer): Poem
56      Carol Jeffrey: Ancient Rite
57      Marvin Malone: A Caution for Just-Born Poets, Buzzing Actively
57      Eric Thompson: Pondering
58      Carrie Ward Lyon: Testament
59      Harry Howith: Trees and Grass
59      Myrtle Reynolds Adams: Lady of Means
60      Robert R. Reed, Jr.: The Fledgling
60      Tom Marshall: Lisan
61      Dorothy Rath: Two Poems
62      Carolyn Hoggins: The Cloak of Love
62      David Nott: Child Thoughts

63      Leonard C. Smith: Four Ages of Man
          Four Ages of Man, Jay Macpherson
65      Fred Cogswell: Good But Not Great
          Poems, Alan Dugan
          The Plink Savoir, Robin Mathews
          Image of Life, Charles Shaw
          The Sea is Also a Garden, Phyllis Webb


Hi I am currently doing a unit of work on the tales of King Arthur and was wondering where I could find a copy of this poem to read? Thank you

The issue may be available at your local university library. Copies are not readily available unfortunately.

hello..did you find it? i'm trying to find where to read the same poem and it's impossible to find

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