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No. 57 (Summer 1963)


24      Alan Bevan: Cul de Sac
44      Joan Finnegan: The Miracle Drug

1        George Murray: Bruial Ground
2        Robert L. Peters: Elegy for Richard
8        Elizabeth Brewster: Three Poems
9        Ellen L. Shearer: The Church and the Queens
10      Leila Pepper: Three Poems
11      Rose Rosberg: Two Poems
12      Errol Pritchard: Two Poems
14      Hilmur Saffell: Two Poems
16      Evelyn Adams: Two Poems
16      Michael Parr: Poem
17      Sylvia Osterbind: Porpoise in the St. Lawrence
17      Edith Harris Rigg: Teacups
18      J. A. S. Evans: Southern Ontario Farm
19      Dorothy Roberts: Canoe
20      John Drew: Two Poems
21      Rainer Maria Rilke (trans. K. W. Maurer): The Panther: Jardin des Plantes, Paris
22      Constance Charters: Sea Auguries in my Inland Winter
28      Elaine Campbell: Waste
29      Thomas John Carlisle: Dream Remembered
30      Elizabeth Bartlett: Civilized Spring
31      Alan Brilliant: Rosemary Means Remembance
32      Steve Albin: Oodles and Infinitudes
33      Art Berger: Change
34      Jack Collom: Kings, Queens, Couriers
35      Mabel Macdonald Carver: Fleurette the Flying Lady
36      Lynn Lonidier: Two Poems
38      George Amabile: Susan Doreen, 11
39      George Bowering: The Tree
39      Leroy Johnson: Haiku
40      Lionel Willis: From Twenty-five Sonnets
41      Jack A. Sanders: Virulent
42      Barbara Hammond: Two Poems
43      Tom Taylor: Soliloquy to the Dawn
44      Alfred G. Bailey: The Parchment of the Heart
51      Leah Bodine Drake: Two Poems
51      Peter Thorpe: Remembering Charlie, a Jet Pilot who Crashed
52      Peter Dale Scott: St. Martin de Canigou
53      G. V. Downes: Note on Heraclitus
54      James Hazard: The Sunflowers
54      Douglas Tisdale: Ascent of Mt. Etna, Sicily
56      D. G. Jones: Stevie and Sea
57      Judson Crews: The Hate of the Joyed Young Kill
58      Morton Manilla: In the Eye of Urban Misery
58      Alden Nowlan: Two Poems
60      Fred Cogswell: Three Poems
62      Irving Layton: Two Poems
64      Aaron Kramer: The First Day
68      Lenore Kandel: The Time of the Golden Bull

67     Alden A. Nowlan: Two Reviews
         Poems for All The Annettes, Alfred W. Purdy
         A Friction of Lights, Eldon Grier