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No. 60 (Spring 1964)


43     Lee Brian: The Lovelace House

1       Geoffrey Holloway: Flesh as Grass
3       Don Gutteridge: A Room in Nuremburg
4       George Johnston: Two Poems
6       Kay Smith: Everything Prepares for It
7       Jocelyn Hollis: Discontent
8       Fred Cogswell: Two Poems
9       Jack Lowther Wilson: Two Poems
10     Eddy Harris: Night of the Laundramat
11     Norma McLain Stoop: Out of Each Other Always
12     Francis Sparshott: Five Poems
16     Milton Acorn: Seven Poems
19     Leonard Opalov: Epistle
20     Irving Layton: Two Poems
21     Gil Orlovitz: Index (2nd Series): II
21     Lenore Kandel: Poem for a Long-Gone Lover
22     Lloyd Abbey: Two Poems
24     Tracy Thompson: Ten Poems
28     Sylvia Osterbind: Three Poems
32     R. A. Grant: The Apple Tree
32     Luella Booth: Air for Flute
33     Arthur Bayard Chandler: Li Po
33     L. W. Wagner: Green Kaleidoscope
34     Norman Talbot: Two Poems
35     Sadie Robertson: Anima
36     Michael Parr: Two Poems
37     Constance Hunting: Revenant
42     Marvyne Shael Jenoff: Bathing Suits
43     Carolyn Hoggins: Bitterness Fouls his Breath
52     Barbara Hammond: August Thirty First
53     Thelma Reid Lower: Two Poems
54     William Whallon: False Clerkes Tale
58     Jack Colum: Traudl
61     Charles Black: The Picture by the Record Cabinet
62     Robert M. Chute: Hopeless Hound, the Hare's No Longer There
62     Charles Shaw: Do What You Will
63     Maude Rubin: Cuckoo's Cage
64     Constance Charters: Dawn-Cry to the Birds Nearby

65    Fred Cogswell: Jewish Canadian Bibliography
        Jews in Canadian Literature, A Bibliography, ed. David Rome
        A Selected Bibliography of Jewish Canadiana, ed. David Rome
66    Fred Cogswell: Some Soft-Covered Books
        It Catches My Heart in its Hands, Charles Bukowski
        Sometimes A Word, R. L. Cook
        Burglar Tools, Harry Howith
        Four Poems, R. G. Everson
        First Poems, Albert W. Haley, Jr.
        Modern Schoolboy, Alfred Leland Mooney
        Alley To An Island, J. Wm. Myers
        I Counted Only April, Simon Perchik
        The Blur in Between, Alfred Purdy
        The Flower of Life, Anthony Richards
        Voyage of the Mood, Joseph Rosenblatt
        At Split Rock Falls, Raymond Souster
        To You I Write, Gael Turnbull
        From This Green Window, Evelyn Thorne
        Mother Witch, Emrich Urban
73    Robert Gibbs: Poetry Review
        God Is My Flesh, Trevor Goodyer-Hill
        The Rising Fire, Gwendolyn MacEwan

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