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No. 61 (Summer 1964)


28     Joan Finnegan: A Flight to Montreal

1       Peter Miller: Two Poems
2       R. L. Cook: Two Poems
3       Robert M. Chute: Figure Carved from Cherry Wood
4       Gwendolyn MacEwan: Two Poems
7       Jocelyn Hollis: Regret
7       Ruth Averitte: At the Ending, Scrimshaws
8       Florence McNeil: Two Poems
9       Padraig O Broin: No Clear Strait of Anian
12     Luella Booth: Four Poems
14     D. G. Jones: Four Poems
16     M. Morris: Four Poems
19     Joanne Gilchrist: Four Poems
19     Heinz Fischer: Two Poems
20     Larry Eigner: Poem
21     Frank Davey: Vancouver 11
22     Avi Boxer: Poems of Alienation
25     Lenore A. Pratt: Shiftless
26     Tracy Thompson: Four Poems
38     Helen Axtell: Years Later to Penelope
38     Bernita Damery: Ombre
39     Joe Rosenblatt: Science Fiction Poem
40     Gigi Lord: Am I the Only Lonely One?
46     George Ellenbogan: Travel Talk
47     Alexander Taylor: Three Poems
49     J. R. G. Adams: Age and Id
50     George Bowering: Two Poems
52     Luigi Bartolini (trans. D. M. Petinella): Two Poems
53     Helen Luster: Circle Built In
54     Tom Marshall: Autumn Lady
56     Harry Howith: Two Poems
57     Warren H. J. Williams: An Ironic Reversal
58     Morton Felix: Child and Green Melody
58     Bonnie Elizabeth Parker: Two Poems
59     Lenore Kandel: Three Poems
60     Evelyn Adams: Two Poems
61     Lawrence Mathews: A Poem for Gordon Finlay
62     Robin Mathews: Two Poems
64     Judith McCombs: Interim
65     Nils T. Peterson: Dialogue
66     Alan Dixon: Two Poems
67     James Russell Grant: Poem
67     Fred Cogswell: The Cage
68     Rose Rosberg: A Conversation
68     Mieczyslaw Jastrun: Elegy
69     Charles Philbrick: Lands of Appearance
70     Tom Poots: Between the Willow and the Urn
70     Patrick H. Thomas: Seasons (4 Haiku)
71     Douglas Tisdale: The Lay of the Mourner
72     Constance Charters: Two Poems
72     Carolyn Hoggins: Spare me Your Love

70     Sandor Jablanczy: A Populist Anthology
         The Plough and the Pen, writings from Hungary, 1930- 1956

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