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No. 62 (Autumn 1964)


56     Michael Spivak: Mary, Mother of God

1       Menke Katz: Two Poems
2       Sanford Sternlicht: Pitt Street Grandmother
3       Henry Beissel: Two Poems
4       Fred Feirstein: Adam and Eve 1
8       Philip Allan Friedman: I Am Twenty Eight
10     Joseph M. Cohen: Why the Poodle
11     Gregory M. Cook: Cry Mother, Cry
12     Deborah Eibel: Lament of a Twentieth-Century Widow
12     Judson Crews: The Three Little Cherubs' Rosey Behinds
13     Gil Orlovitz: Two Poems
15     Jack Crawford, Jr.: Three Poems
17     Penelope Anne Plummer: Gull Cry
18     Lenore Kandel: Poem for Sunday Riders
18     Earl Guy: Well, You Slow Wriggler
19     Tracy Thompson: Five Poems
22     Robert Nye: Fifteen Poems
29     E. I. Louch: Poem
30     Alden Nowlan: Two Poems
31     Milton Acorn: Seven Poems
37     Peter Dale Scott: La Causse du Caylar
38     Fred Cogswell: Immortal Plowman
39     Dorothy Fraser: The Seal
39     Donald Hassler: Commuting in a Dauphine
40     Donald W. Baker: A Ballad of Mad Women
41     Louis Capson: Cry of an Unknown Poet
41     W. K. Thomas: Athene's Playtoy
45     Fred Swayze: Cook's Tour
47     Marvyne Shael Jenoff: Pessimisms
50     T. Cairns: Two Poems
51     Rebecca Johns: Three Poems
53     Joan Greenwood: Three Poems
54     David Bromige: A Metaphor for Her
55     Margaret Stewart-Nimchuk: In Autumn Walking Home
55     Archie Rosenhouse: In Puritania
60     G. V. Downes: The Stream
61     Nancy-Lou Patterson: Salishan Grandmothers
62     Lynn Lonidier: In my Garden's Vacancy
63     Luella Booth: Two Poems
65     Miguelle Aymard: Two Poems: Restoring Process

65     Alfred W. Purdy: Western and Montreal
         Points on the Grid, George Bowering
         That Monocycle the Moon, Seymour Mayne
70      M. Travis Lane: The Poetry of Robert Frost
         The Poetry of Robert Frost: Constellations of Intention, Reuben A. Brower
73      Lauriat Lane, Jr.: Thoreau as a Poet
         Collected Poems of Henry Thoreau, ed. Carl Bode

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