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No. 63 (Winter 1965)


43     Joy Spiegel: Don't Hang Up

1       Peter Dale Scott: The Printer Centaur
2       P. T. Rodgers: A Song of Islands
2       Heather Spears: Lotte at Saltuna
3       William Washburn: Aunt Mabel's Tea-time Fables
4       Elizabeth Whealy: Eight Poems
7       Dorothy Roberts: Two Poems
8       Charles Edward Eaton: Nautch Girl
8       Bernita Damery: Swan Lake
9       Helen Sue Isely: The Beginning of Knowledge
10     Brigitte Dambrovski: Four Poems
13     George Bowering: The Red Hot Element
14     Amitage Hargreaves: To F. R. Scott
14     Seymour Mayne: Two Poems
15     Tracy Thompson: Six Poems
18     Louis Newman: In Dark Corners of My Room
18     deLancey Torrie: Winter Sunset
19     Gil Orlovitz: Two Poems
20     Selma Brody: Rain
20     R. O. Hurst: The Osprey
21     Charles Shaw: Poem
22     Barbara Hammond: Two Poems
24     Parm Mayer: The Day My Grandfather Died
25     Phoebe W. Hoffman: Learning to Talk to a River
26     Elizabeth Brewster: Two Poems
28     Joseph Rosenblatt: Better She Dressed in a Black Garment...
28     R. B. Smith: A Bedtime Story
29     Donald Hassler: Natural Piety
30     Peg Brenan: Five Poems
34     Michael Parr: Two Poems
35     Jocelyn Hollis: Old Loves Fall Away
36     Ethel S. Harris: Two Poems
37     Don Gutteridge: This Maple in My Fallen Yard
38     John Teitelbaum: Dialogue
39     Robert M. Chute: Three Poems
40     Richard Emil Braun: Two Poems
41     Edith Ogutsch: The Liberal
41     Evelyn Fowler: Dark Signature
42     Helene Rosenthal: Two Poems
46     Jeannette Chappell: Hokku
46     Leonard Opalov: Aging
47     Mary Humphrey Baldridge: Two Swingers
48     Winnifred A. Horne: School Girls on a Bus
48     Louis Ginsberg: School Girl
49     Peter Thorpe: The Woman in the Farm Road
50     Emilie Glen: Opening
50     Martha Grimes Holland: An Inspector Falls
51     James Reid Paris: Winter
52     Vernon Olson: Float Trip
52     Alan Dixon: Snails and Reliquaries
54     Sylvia Osterbind: Louise, Downtown
54     V. Barrett Price: Impressions of Women and Rain
55     Robert Cockburn: Two Poems
56     Louise Scott: Deer in Early Snow
57     Robert Cullen: Vuelta al Ruedo
58     John Bruce: Present Company Excepted
61     G. V. Downes: The Town That Never Lived
62     Jacob C. Solovay: Nightmare
63     Aaron Kramer: Rendezvous
64     Cecile A. Lovett: Figure #4
65     Rona Murray: Prayer for My Daughter
65     Margaret Lee Johnson: We Meet as Lanes Cross
66     Miller Williams: The Factory
66     Joy N. Kogawa: Communication
67     Raymond Fraser: In a Town Built High
67     Julius Molinaro: Epitaphs
68     Charles Black: Home for Christmas Morning
68     R. G. Everson: Three Poems

70     Desmond Pacey: A First Novel
         White Figure, White Ground, Hugh Hood
72     Fred Cogswell: Two Anthologies
         Confucius to Cummings, An Anthology of Poetry, ed. Ezra Pound and Marcella Spann
         The Mentor Book of Major British Poets, ed. Oscar Williams
74     Fred Cogswell: Some Thesis Interpretations
         The Poems of William Carlos Williams, Linda Welshimer
         The Paradise Within, Studies in Vaughan, Traherne, and Milton, Louis L. Martz
         Innocence and Experience: An Introduction to Blake, E. D. Hirsch
         Wordsworth's Poetry 1787- 1814, Geoffrey H. Hartman

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