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No. 64 (Spring 1965)


30    George Bowering: Flycatcher

1       Michael Parr: Four Poems
3       V. A. Coleman: Poem
4       Will Inman: From 108 Tongues of Surf
9       Kathryn Parker: Two Poems
9       Tracy Thompson: Two Poems
10     Margaret Randall: of love— for Sergio—
11     Judson Crews: Where We Embrace
11     Lynn Lonidier: Sigrid
12     Violet Anderson: Alive O
14     Ethel Kirk Grayson: Timepiece
15     Michael Collie: Poem
16     Kay Smith: A Wing
17     Jack Crawford, Jr.: The Grey Morning Comes
18     Robert Cockburn: For the 42nd
20     Dorothy Farmiloe: Conversation
21     Julius Molinaro: Make Room
22     Siv Cedering Fox: Three Poems
24     Charles Black: Two Poems
25     M. Charles Rebert: Between the Print and the Negative
26     Rose Rosberg: Three Poems
27     Gerald Fulton: Two Poems
29     Gil Orlovitz: The Diary of Harry Yemmeke: 3 March 1960
37     Albert Drake: My Mother
38     Charles Philbrook: Closing Up
39     Jocelyn Hollis: The Road to Love
39     Gregory M. Cook: Burns
40     Naomi Bushman: Three Poems
41     Thelma Reid Lower: Under the Wings of a Pagoda
42     George Woodcock: Two Poems
43     D. M. Thomas: The Shield
43     Florence A. Dietz: Bamboo Splinters: Three Haiku
44     Elizabeth Whealy: The Pressing Night
44     Henry Dalton: Cold Day Henry Dalton
45     Vida C. Ungaro: April Alchemy
46     Ethel S. Harris: Two Poems
47     Betty Nielson: Truth and Mr. Layton
48     Barbara Hammond: Credo
48     Bernice Ames: Red Astrachan Tree
49     Jean Boudin: Beauty is Only Thin Deep
50     Marguerite Feibelman: We Can Only Take so Much. The Rest We Make Acceptable
50     Myrtle Reynolds Adams: Kites
51     Ellen L. Shearer: Unlit Delights
51     Sol Newman: A Few Quatrains and Refrains on the Woes of Our Ways and Drains
53     Geoffrey Holloway: Dark Certainty
54     Maurice Gibbons: My Mother and Father 
54     Elizabeth Searle Lamb: Calypso Ballad
55     Cecil Robert Lloyd: to VBP, for La Paz, Laramie, Rome, and Albuquerque
58     Heinz Fischer: With Coffee
59     D. I. Lancashire: Two Poems
60     Neil H. Fischer: Two Poems
61     Gerald N. White: Two Poems
62     Rona Murray: Four Poems
65     Miguelle Aymard: Communication is two souls reaching out their hands
66     John Grube: Letter to an Executive
67     Charles Shaw: Farrago

68     Robert Gibbs: A New Canadian Anthology
         Poetry of Mid-Century 1940/1960, Earle Birney, ed. Milton Wilson
69     Fred Cogswell: A Filter on Ezra Pound
         Ezra Pound. Poet as Sculptor, Donald Davie
71     Desmond Pacey: Three Books of Canadian Verse
         Flowers for Hitler, Leonard Cohen
         Black and Secret Man, Eli Mandel
         The Colour of the Times, The Collected Poems of Raymond Souster, Ryerson Press

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