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No. 67 (Winter 1966)


18     Donald Hassler: Darling
38     Herman Hesse: Little Mohr

1       Jane Wygal: This Summer Morning
2       Robert Nye: Three Poems
4       Peter Revell: Three Poems
6       Robert Cullen: Wednesday Matinee
7       Michael Dixon: Trilogy
14     Edmund L. Binsfeld: If Suddenly I Lost My Sight
15     Dave Pinson: The Nightmare
16     Tom Eadie: Two Poems
17     Gil Orlovitz: Diary of Harry Yammeke: 19 February, 1962
24     Nicholas A. Virgilio: Poem
25     Will Stubbs: Rose Before Winter
26     Barbara Hammond: Middle Passage
30     Brigitte Dombrovski: Poem
30     August Derleth: Ghosts
31     Thelma Graham: Self-Physics
32     Betty Jane Wylie: Victim
32     Mary Humphrey Baldridge: Man & Beast
33     Emilie Glen: The Elephant With a Bee on his Trunk
35     Joy Kogawa: In the City
36     Helen Shaw: The Anguish of Love
37     Tracy Thompson: Two Poems
38     Robert M. Chute: Black
43     Anne Kekes: Three Poems
46     Fred Cogswell: Two Poems
47     Pat Lowther: Poem for Schizophrenics
48     Jon Remmerde: The White Flowers of March
48     Elizabeth Whealy: Two Poems
49     Aileen Campbell: Haar
50     Ralph Gustafson: Three Poems
53     Harold Fleming: Home to the Hollows
54     Menke Katz: Roses of Borough Park
55     Livingston Welch: In Butterfly Moments
55     Dorothy H. Rath: When Androcles
56     Robert Gibbs: Words Worry a Silence
58     Michael Walbank: Long Ago
58     Gigi Lord: Authority, Legality, Ceremonial
59     J. Phoenice: First Meeting
60     Terence Fletcher: Song of Pigment No. II
60     Cecile A. Lovett: Seduction is a Mutual Affair
61     Marvin Malone: Two Poems
61     Louis Ginsberg: The Fountain
62     Warren H. J. Williams: Coup
62     Richard A. George: Young Roots are Old
63     Raymond A. Comeau: Poem
63     William J. Noble: Stand Here and Wait
64     Elizabeth Brewster: Jane
64     Beatrice Brissman: Haiku
65     deLancey Torrie: Circus Tiger
66     Marguerite Edmonds: Where it Starts
66     Michael Parr: Winter is a Long Time

67     Heinz Fischer: Contemporary German Poetry: An Anthology, trans. Gertrude Cloruis Schwebell
69     Fred Cogswell: Two Ways of Dealing with the Exterior
         Crucifix in a Death Hand, Charles Bukowski
73     Lauriat Lane, Jr.: Parody and Earnest
         The Laughing Rooster, Irving Layton
74     Padraig O Broin: Canticles, Luella Booth

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