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No. 71 (Spring 1967)


36      Loy Otis Banks: The Secret Orange

1        John Tagliabue: One Poem
2        Mary Humphrey Baldridge: Two Poems
3        Jean Boudin: Kitchen Song
4        Charles Shaw: December Dirge
4        Menke Katz: On a Lover of Flowers
5        Jim Brown: Two Poems
6        Bernice Larsen Webb: Fugitive
7        Ian Adam: Hawk
7        Tadeusz Rozewicz (trans. Victor Controski): Wrong
10      Tracey Thompson: Six Poems
11      Robin Mathews: Two Poems
12      Neysa Turner: Two Poems
13      Michael Mott: Rose Hall
17      Marcia Nori: Two Poems
18      Will H. Blackwell: Grafted Fruit
19      William R. Slaughter: The House
20      Henry Beissel: Break Heart
21      Hugh Ector: Cannibal Spirit
23      Irene Chapman Benson: Separate Tables
24      Russel Shurig: The Lady
25      William Sallar: Henry Frick's Museum
26      James Hoggard: Song of Rebecca Calcutta
27      Antony Oldknow: A Lost Allegory
27      Elizabeth Whealy: Two Poems
28      Florence A. Dietz: The Straw
29      Anne Margaret Angus: All These My Children
30      Nathan Cervo: The Scuttle
31      Robert Stanton: Why the Poet Committed Suicide
31      Clifton Whiten: In From the Town
32      Harford Powel: Two Poems
33      James Dougherty: Perils of an American
33      Adam Gillon: Two Poems
34      Robin Child: The Elm, The Willow— And the Maid
35      Napoleon St. Cyr: The Limbs Under
40      Jonathan Seeg: 0
41      Peter Stevens: A Do It Yourself Kit for Some Sort of Political Poem
44      Ted Plantos: As a Child I Played in Destruction
46      John F. Donnelly: Dream of Old Men
46      Percival R. Roberts III: Incautious Thoughts
47      Norma West Linder: Two Poems
47      Barbara Saunders: Poem
48      Anne Begor: Variations on a Theme
49      Louis Ginsberg: Your Glance
49      William Hall: Two Poems
51      John Grube: Two Poems
52      Ronald Way: The Candle
52      Ronald Estes: Fragments of Letters...
54      Lynn Barclay: Poem
54      Floris McLaren: April Report
55      Elana Freeman: The Moon
55      Robert Cockburn: Two Poems
57      Sylvia Barnard: Benedict Arnold
58      John Thompson: Two Poems
59      Michael Parr: The Quarters of the Moon
60      Charles Black: Days and Works
60      Dorothea Webb Anderson: Arbor Bacchanal
61      Bonnie McConnell: Shades
62      Livingston Welch: Two Poems
62      Dean Steeves: A Way
63      Tom Marshall: Only a drowned man
63      John Drew: Saint John

64      Dorothy Livesay: fires in the temple, Bill Bissett
68      Kent Thompson: Watcha Gonna Do Boy... Watcha Gonna Be?, Peter Taylor
69      Desmond Pacey: Periods of the Moon, Irving Layton

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