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No. 94 (Summer 1972)


3       Hugh Hood: A Near Miss
37     Victor Carl Friesen: The Two Sisters
64     Frederick Busch: Is Anyone Left This Time of Year
94     D. G. Collier: The Birth of My Father

17     Frank R. Maloney: Four Poems
20     David Adams Richards: Four Poems
26     M. Travis Lane: Four Poems
31     Eugene McNamara: Two Poems
34     Peter Stevens: The Tide Flats
46     Sunyata MacLean: Four Poems
50     C. M. Buckaway: Three Poems 
53     Douglas Blazek: Two Poems
55     Charles Kotlz: Mad Mountain Bender
56     E. J. Carson: Two Poems 
58     Douglas Collin: One Poem
59     Florence McNeil: Kites
60     Patrick White: In Memoriam: Hart Crane
61     Carl Lauppe: Woodlot
62     William Virgil Davis: Two Poems
74     Richard Hillman: Three Poems
78     Bhikku Bannister: Four Poems
80     Leona Gom: Three Poems
83     Mary Willis: Clytaemnestra
84     Mel Dagg: Hastings Street
85     Sid Stephen: Two Poems
87     Richard Sommer: Two Poems 
89     Stan Dragland: To Lay Her Ghost
90     John V. Hicks: The Other Side of The Hill
91     Judy McGillivary: Northern Growth 
92     Gail Fox: Act
104   Les Arnold: Two Poems
108   Gregory M. Cook: Two Poems
110   J. M. C. Alexander: Chi'en, Heaven over K'an, Water

111   Mel Dagg: Collected Poetry, Louis Dudek
116   William Prouty: The Chains of Lilliput, Fred Cogswell
118   Joseph Sherman: Intense Pleasure, David McFadden
         The Armies of the Moon, Gwendolyn MacEwen
         Selected Poems, Al Purdy
122   Richard G. Adams: No Address, Avi Boxer
124   T. Colson: Stories from Western Canada, ed. Rudy Wiebe
125   Nancy Bauer: 40 Women Poets of Canada, ed. Dorothy Livesay
127   David Arnsason: Volvox: poetry from the unofficial languages of Canada... in English translation, ed. J. Michael Yates
129   Robert Gibbs: The Collected Poems of Irving Layton, McClelland & Stewart
         The Years, Raymond Souster
         6 Days: An Anthology of Canadian Christian Poetry, Wedge Publishing
         A Few Myths, Peter Stevens
         Drifting into War, Bill Bissett
         Disasters of the Sun, Dorothy Livesay
         Face, Seymour Mayne
         For the West Coast, Brian Brett
         Parking Lots, Victor Coleman

Drawings by Robert Percival

135   Contributors

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