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Wit by Walton

This is a pleasantly unpretentious little volume, bound in paper covers with an appropriately light and deft cover design.

Two From England

These two books by prominent younger English poets are, I believe, symptomatic of the present state of poetry in England.

Three Books From Ryerson

Whoever said 'of the masking of books there is no end' must have been an editor responsible for reviewing.

A Darkness in the Earth by Alden Nowlan

Alden Nowlan differs from most of the younger poets in this country in that he is unconnected with the university system, which has tended more and more to be both a starting point and the final resting place of his contemporaries.

These Seventeen by Felix Singer: A Review

I believe this book is worthy of mention because, unlike most 'vanity' publications, it does not bear on its surface the reasons for its failure to achieve regular publication.


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