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First Grief

As is well known, the art of the trapeze artist, pratised high up in the domes of great variety halls ...

The Blue-Eyed Brain

As Ben held th brain in his hands, dripping formaldehyde into the jar, from his fingers, he could feel the eyes of Professor Tyrell on his face and he knew that ...

Child in Love

He was waiting on the hill overlooking the lake from where he could best see the raod leading to town.

The Two Bedrooms

Getting up early in the little apartment to tend to her grandmother, Libby was very quiet so George wouldn't wake and mutter how hard the extra care was on her at this time.

Red Ribbon

She removed the pot-cover stealthily and pulled out the soup-bone.


Martha stood at the window looking out.

The Bird Watchers

There is a hill that flows silently into the Gatineau river about forty miles North of the city of Ottawa, with a small plateau in the middle.


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