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No. 170 (Winter 1992)


5        John Steffler: From The Afterlife of George Cartwright
30      Tessie Gillis: The Innocent
          Tribute to Tessie Gillis by Jim Taylor
61      L. J. Bright: A Captive
85      Rai Berzins: Blown Tire
101    Brian Burke: Stop Time

17      beth goobie: eight, before definition
18      Bernadette Rule: The Circus People
19      Long Gone
20      With or Without
21      Widow's Needs
22      Daniel James Sundahl: Leaving the Quaker Graveyard
24      John Donlan: Play Dead
25      Spirit Life
26      John B. Lee: That Morning We Watched the Gray Cat Swim
28      Hired Man in Paradise
29      A Book of Days for My Sister
46      Sarah Klassen: Four Poems based on the life of Simonne Weil
51      Anna Synenko: God slips through my fingers like water
52      T. Berto: (murres) On the Edge
54      Diane Reid: The Dream Man
55      A Celebration
56      Robert Nagler: The Martyrdom of Saint Julita, . . 
57      Hagiographies
58      "Kalashnikov" Street
59      Wm. Myer Jr.: Texas Transfiguration
71      Jean McNeil: The Surrealist's Garden
76      David Winwood: System
77      Investments Adviser
78      Harold Rhenisch: Handy Words for a Primer on Visual Art
80      Predicting the Weather
82      Tana Williams Runyan: Sound, the memory
83      Transubstantiation: A Kitchen Ritual
91      Daniel O'Leary: A Grammar
94      Shari Andrews: Anything it Chooses to Own
95      Fifty Dollar Treasure
96      Penny Villegas: Barren Signs
97      Thomas Lannin: A Japanese Woman's Monologue on Salarymen
98      Richard Harvor: Heat
99      Eels
100    Thunderstorm
100    Box of Chocolates

Review Articles
111    M. Travis Lane: Voicing History
          A Sense of History, John S. Hatcher
          why isn't everybody dancing, Maara Haas
116    Bill Gaston: Quality Quirk: Two Canadian Collections
          Limbo River, Stories by Rick Hillis
          A Guide to Animal Behaviour, Douglas Glover
119    Robert Ian Scott: The Webs Defining Us
          Calling Texas, Bert Almon

123    Contributors

Carol Taylor
Salome Danced
oil pastel, oil stick, acrylic wash, and pencil on heavy brown paper
12 x 7.7cm

Suzanne Hill: Ink drawings
16      undecided
45      falling figure
60      falling figure
84      undecided


All the stories in Limbo River by Rick Hillis are very good, quite readable, and high quality. Hillis is at his best when evoking a down and out musician who has lost a hand, but whose old guitar solos are sometimes played on FM stations late at night. The main character once had the promise of perhaps someone like Jerry Garcia, but things didn't work out; Hillis is brilliant at hard luck stories of those with no girlfriend, no job, no house, and no prospects; the musician lives in a tent. Hillis also brilliantly describes some people on a ferris wheel; his description is beautiful, brilliant; he captures danger and pathos all at once. He also has a very fun description of the inside of an outhouse with crazed flies; another spot on description.

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