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Books Received Recently

Here's a picture of the recent books received at the office. What are you most looking forward to reading this holiday season? Tell us! Go to the comment field below (or to Facebook or Twitter)!

The Best of The Best Canadian Poetry in English: Tenth Anniversary Edition, edited by Molly Peacock and Anita Lahey (Tightrope Books)
Jamie Fitzpatrick, The End of Music (Breakwater Books)
Rani Rivera, All Violet (Caitlin Press)
Jim Johnstone, The Chemical Life (Signal Editions)
Karen Charleson, Through Different Eyes (Signature Editions)
Jack Davis, Faunics (Pedlar Press)
JC Sulzenko, South Shore Suite (Point Petre Publishing)
Joan B. Flood, Left Unsaid (Signature Editions)
Rob Taylor, "Oh Not So Great": Poems from the Depression Project (Leaf Press)
Trudy J. Morgan-Cole, Most Anything You Please (Breakwater Books)
Jim Nason, Spirit of a Hundred Thousand Dead Animals (Signature Editions)
Nikki Sheppy, Fail Safe (U of Calgary Press)
Gerald Lynch, Omphalos (Signature Editions)
Catriona Wright, Table Manners (Signal Editions)
Marlis Wesseler, The Last Chance Ladies' Book Club (Signature Editions)
Best Canadian Stories 2017, edited by John Metcalf (Biblioasis)
Ship of Gold: The Essential Poems of Émile Nelligan, translated by Marc Di Saverio (Signal Editions)
Louise Carson, The Cat Among Us (Signature Editions)
Tim Lilburn, The Larger Conversation: Contemplation and Place (University of Alberta Press)


Once I started Through Different Eyes I could not put the book down! As I realized I was half way though the book already, I tried to pace myself so I could be engaged in unexpected twists and turns of the story longer. I throughly enjoyed the detail in landscape, weather and seasons. I hope there will be a sequel.

I really enjoyed this novel’s fresh take on family and community relations in a fictional First Nations community on Vancouver Island. While it doesn’t shy away from social or political issues, the emphasis is on the feelings and motivations of individual characters and the warmth and resilience to be found in community. Now I want a sequel!

Through Different Eyes has resparked my love for reading. It brings you through so many emotions and you feels so connected to the characters. This is the book I am recommending to all my friends and family, it definitely deserves more attention.

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