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Stop! Look! Listen! Chelsea Peters' Music Recommendation

I often listen to the same album on repeat when I’m engaged in intense writing sessions – the rhythmic familiarity seems to provide the perfect level of inspiring-but-not-too-distracting background noise. The album I’ve listened to the most over the past couple of years, and that I always recommend to others, is my fellow Winnipegger, Begonia’s, Fear, which she released in 2019. It’s one of those albums that sinks into your skin and becomes a part of you, and you know you’ll listen to it forever; you can catch me singing along to “Put It Away” and the title track in the shower at least once a week. “Mirror Talk” and “Dead Flowers” are also favourites. But the whole album, start to finish, is perfect – “No skips,” as a friend of mine would say. And as it relates to and inspires my writing, I feel that the stories I’d most like to tell would exist in the same world as the songs on this album; one of loud expression and quiet touch. Of anger, fear, awareness, hope. She synthesises so much of the modern experience into these beautiful, beautiful pieces, which is something I think all artists aspire to do. And Alexa is one of those writers and performers who embodies her art wholly and completely – if you ever have the chance to catch her live, do! She has a new album coming out soon, as well, which promises to be just as stunning.  

Chelsea Peters is a writer and editor living on Treaty 1 territory. She is a recent graduate of the MFA program at UBC's School of Creative Writing. Her writing has appeared in CV2 and The Fiddlehead.

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