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No. 295 (Spring 2023)

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Canadian Addresses

International Addresses


Honourable Mention 2024 National Magazine Awards for Fiction: 
Mudlark by Chelsea Peters





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Creative Nonfiction
17     Kawai Shen: Minimalism
65     Nicole Boyce: The Rabbits Are Waiting
73     Dafna Izenberg: Is that a reason to close the pool?
93     Kirsten Madsen: Shuttlecock
10     Lis Sanchez: Five Poems
16     Julie Eliopoulos: Footnote1
24     Nathan Mader: A Chef’s Knife from Aritsugu
25     Taylor Supplee: Two Poems
37     Aidan Chafe: Icarus and Daedalus as Icarus
58     Ricardo Sternberg: Mother Tongue
59     Alex Boyd: I Dreamed of My Father’s House Made Peculiar
61     Shane Neilson: Two Poems
82     Catherine Owen: Two Poems
84     Aislinn Hunter: Cloud Systems
86     Kathleen Winter: Two Poems
88     Amy LeBlanc: Murine
89     Jan Conn: Late Summer
118   Notes on Contributors
Stephen May
Oil on canvas.
18 x 21.13 in