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Since its beginning in 1945, The Fiddlehead has sought to

To Our Readers

Fiddlehead 140 features more fiction than usual, and we expect you'll

To Our Readers

Fiddlehead 139 offer a special treat for our readers. Brian Bartlett's

To Our Readers

The students are quiet but attentive as I finish my talk. To introduce

To Our Readers

Fiddlehead 137 at least, and for you this issue has some interesting

To Our Readers

The large sing read Fiddlehead Magazine: Atlantic Canada's Na-


Magazine editors are often faced by the question, What kind of material do you want?


Roger Ploude and I discussed for some time the idea of an anthology of poems to mark The Fiddlhead's 35th anniversary.

The How Behind Mine

I can hardly ever separate a poem from the circumstances that created it, or the place where it was composed.

Robert Alan Burns on the Canadian Curse*

Finally forty, too old at last for romantic suicide and the Yale younger Poets series, I discover to my chagrin that what I have for nearly a decade complacently mistaken for a species of interminable cookery discloses itself in the glare of mid-afternoon (so to speak) to be something less than ordinary more decrepitude.


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