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Wobblings and Warblings

Being asked to say something about my poetry, I find the impulse to be irresponsible almost completely overpowering.

Editor's note

In this issue we are happy to feature Leigh Faulkner's fine meditative poem, "Boundaries."

With Freshness ius a Leaf

Dorothy Livesay's publication of Green Pitcher in 1928 launched a remarkable career in writing and literature.

Eric Ivan Berg (1950-1977)

People familiar with the sometimes lyric, sometimes irreverent poetry of Eric Ivan Berg have been saddened by the young poet's sudden death.

John Metcalf: A Profile

This "Profile" of John Metcalf is of course something of fiction, and you shouldn't expect anything other.

Editor's Note

Entering The Fiddlehead office is frequently embarassing. One


With this issue we initiate the policy of paying reviewers. Present


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