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Sue Sinclair: Summer 2023 Editorial

HURRAY! IT’S THE SUMMER POETRY ISSUE! The summer poetry issue has always been an event for me. Even before I was editor of The Fiddlehead, I looked forward to its arrival. The section titles, drawn from lines within the poems, always made the issue feel like an occasion, showed how closely the editors were reading the work featured, and I got to read some of the most engaging, reorienting, challenging and/or delightful poetry written that year. I still feel this sense of occasion, and I rub imaginary hands together in my mind as I anticipate what readers will find here.

David Huebert: Spring 2023 Editorial

Welcome to the Spring 2023 issue of The Fiddlehead. We are thrilled to congratulate Moni Brar, winner of the 33rd Ralph Gustafson Poetry Prize for Best Poem! We’re grateful to our contest readers, Evan Jurmain and Rosie Legott, as well as to our three contest judges: Michael Prior, shalan joudry, and Dominique Béchard.

Chris Benjamin: Fiction Contest Editorial

Fiction Contest Editorial

What I like best about [Adèle Barclay's] “Here be Dragons ISO” is its consistent ability to surprise. At each clever turn of phrase, the writer further penetrates their protagonist Danny’s heart, revealing her self-respect, insecurity, desperation, and hope. Through Danny’s eyes, we find magic in a most improbable creature, who without a word gives Danny what she needs. Theirs is a beautiful and tragic relationship that ultimately steers her back into the even messier realm of human relations. 

Rowan McCandless: Summer 2022 Editorial

Summer 2022 Editorial

A story. A story. Please tell me a story.

I grew up around storytellers. My paternal grandmother offered up family stories alongside Sunday dinners. I myself performed storytelling in schools as an elementary schoolteacher, prior to becoming a writer. When someone shares a personal account, they are offering up the truth of their experience. What a gift that is to be shared and received. That is why I feel so honoured to be The Fiddlehead’s creative nonfiction editor for this special summer CNF issue that is most dear to my heart.

Yasuko Thanh: Fiction Contest Editorial

The delicate interplay between past and present, what we carry with us, what we leave behind, and what others take from us is rendered in pitch-perfect prose in “The Makeweight Piece.” This story is set during a distant war in which the starving and the dying cling to art as prayer. As worship. As a way to define who they once were. So much heart is packed between the lines of a story whose tone is at once tightly focused and expansive that my own heart staggers and cracks open. As a reader I’m dying to be touched and amazed.


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