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Modern Greek Poems by Phivos Delphis

Kenneth Beaudoin in his introduction to this book writes of Phivos Delphis as 'a new Greek voice speaking with all the richness of that immortal race.'

Pressed on Sand by Alfred W. Purdy

Poems by Mr Purdy have been appearing regularly for years now in such magazines as the Canadian Forum and The Canadian Poetry Magazine, and it is good to see his work embodied in the more permanent and accessible form of a chapbook.

The Stunted Strong by Fred Cogswell

These sixteen sonnets by Fred Cogswell succeed admirably; they are a fine contribution to the rich store of poetry which the Maritimes have given us.

The Old Bateau and Other Poems

Attractively bound in grey cloth, generously leaded, and printed in 12-point Baskerville type on soft, cream-coloured paper, The Old Bateau has an old-fashioned graciousness about it.

Yield from Flame

There are two kinds of poetry in this, the latest of Miss Law's six volumes of published verse.


At this moment I can think of only one purpose for which I would travel from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia to the lumbering settlement of Lillooet in the province of New Brunswick.


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