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2023 Fiction Contest Shortlist Announcement














The Fiddlehead is pleased to announce the finalists of our 2023 Fiction Contest, judged by Jack Wang! The winner of the $2000 contest prize will be announced in early January 2024 and the winning story will appear in the Winter 2024 issue (298). Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the following fifteen finalists!


Contest finalists: 

Colin Arsenault — "Miss Rabbit’s Masterpiece"

Martin Borden — "Ways of Seeing"

Morgan Charles — "Acknowledgements"

Rose Cullis — "The Charm"

Melissa DaCosta Brown — "Husbands"

Jane Finlayson — "Missing"

Eleanor Fuller — "Walking Out"

Lindsay Foran — "Gerry(atric) Superpowers"

John Knapp — "Launch by the Fourth"

Tena Laing — "The Night Shift"

Nolan Natasha Pike — "Ambrosia"

Sandra Nicholls — "In the Kingdom of the Orange Aprons"

Spencer Oakes — "South Facing"

Kaitlin Ruether — "Eighteen Percent"

Trish Sissons — "Broad Strokes and Sunk Costs"


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