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Interview with Acadia Currah

Intern Brigitte Robichaud's interview with Acadian Currah about her essay "Femme Fatales and The Lavender Menace” from the summer creative nonfiction issue.

Acacadia Currah (she/they) is an essayist and poet residing in Vancouver, BC. Their work explores her relationship with gender, sexuality, and religion. She is a leather-jacket-latte-toting lesbian, her work seeks to reach those who most need to hear it. Their work has appeared in The Spotlong Review and Defunkt Magazine.

Call for Submissions: Share Your Story of Community Resilience in NB!

Celebrating Everyday Heroes is a Tutta Musica Orchestra project following themes of community, courage, and resilience. We are celebrating everyday heroes in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic with an original musical composition to be performed in 5 NB cities along with other amazing artistic contributions. And we need your stories, your voices, to make it amazing!

Angie Ellis' Reading Recommendation

Angie Ellis lives on Vancouver Island where she is finishing her first novel and has just received a Canada Council for the Arts grant. Her story "Unschooled" was published in the all creative nonfiction issue of The Fiddlehead. You can also find her work in The Cincinnati Review, The Lascaux Review, Juked, Pithead Chapel, Grain, and others. 


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