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Current Issue: No. 298

Stop! Look! Listen! Lisa Russ Spaar's Movie Recommendation

I always assume that everyone has seen the classic cult film Harold and Maude, featuring iconic performances by Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort and a fabulous soundtrack by the young Cat Stevens.  But when I mention the film now to my students, often no one in the room has even heard of the movie, let alone watched it.  It is a unique and unparalleled love story that is very much of its time and place (California at the start of the 70s—Vietnam, ecology, weed, all manner of cultural and social revolution) but is very

Excerpt of "We Could Fill A River" by Douglas Walbourne-Gough

"We Could Fill A River" by Douglas Walbourne-Gough
The Wolastoq flows below me. Spring
ice is receding, this year’s first blue herons
bring sun. They call me outside to warm my
snow-weary bones. I’ve crossed this bridge
often, stopped to watch people fish, couldn’t
resist comparing this river to the rum-brown
water of the Humber I’ve never fished
but grew up convinced I’d drown in.
I’d watched The Country, broke down


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