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An Interview with Susan Musgrave

Image of Susan Musgrave

Editorial Assistant Melissa Spohr interviewed Susan Musgrave about her creative process, the roles of emotion, dreams, unknowing, and the subconscious, and the poet’s relationship to the poem in its becoming and ongoing revision. Three of Susan Musgrave’s poems—"More Than Seeing," "What We Do,“ and "Life in the Uncontainable World"—will appear in the upcoming special 75th anniversary issue of The Fiddlehead that will be published in spring.

Photo credit: Regina Akhankina

The State of the Art

Image of Nancy Bauer

Recently I learned a new term, “art-washing.” It means that a real estate developer offers a piece of public art to a city government in exchange for its approving a variance in the building code. That happened in Fredericton a few months ago. The city council approved a many-storied condo building bound to spoil a lovely streetscape in the downtown. This comes on the heels of the destruction in Officers’ Square with the removal of many trees, the historic wall and fence, and the green lawn. Those who opposed this demolition were derisively called “The Against Everything Crowd.”

No. 282 (Winter 2020)

Introduction: Sue Sinclair

Creative Nonfiction: Sherry Coffey, paulo da costa

Fiction: Emily Bossé, Shaelin Bishop, Diane Carley, Shashi Bhat, Carmelinda Scian

Poetry: Dani Couture, Marika Prokosh, Curtis LeBlanc, Katie Jordan, Allison LaSorda, Jake Kennedy, John Kinsella, Kevin Spenst, Jennifer LoveGrove, Elena Johnson, John Steffler, Daniel Scott Tysdal, Sophie Crocker, Paul Vermeersch, Ojo Taiye, D.A. Lockhart


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