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No. 296 (Summer Poetry 2023)

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7     Sue Sinclair: Summer 2023 Editorial


C'est comme duck-duck-goose. Ha!
14   Herménégilde Chiasson: Le parfum.
       Trans. Katia Grubisic: Perfume
16   Christine Melanson: Entre Sackville et Truro
22   Joannie Thomas: La fille à Colette à Robert à John
26   Khalid El Morabethi: Articule Panda
       Trans. Simon Brown: Articulate Panda
28   Sarah Marylou Brideau: Perdre le fil
       Trans. Kathy Mac: Lose the Thread
       Trans. Roger Moore: Losing Track
A Myth in the Early Hours
37     Faith Arkorful: Two Poems
39     Karen Solie: Three Poems
44     Lisa Russ Spaar: Five Poems
49     Jim Johnstone: Anniversary Elegy
53     Mark Truscott: Three Poems
56     Grace: Two Poems
58     Adam Tavel: [I OEDIPUS am learning . . .]
59     Derrick Austin: June 2021
62     Patricia Young: Three Poems
65     Andy Weaver: The tree across the street
66     John Barton: Three Poems
72     Sadiqa de Meijer: Jesse’s Farm II
75     Anne Simpson: Two Poems
A Volta About Hunger
81     Kim Addonizio: Two Poems
83     Lisa Robertson: from Notebooks of a She-Dandy
93     Cameron Anstee: Three Poems
96     Shelly Harder: Even Bones
99     Meghan Kemp-Gee: Three Poems
103   Marc Perez: Two Poems
105   Matthew Gwathmey: Van Sant
106   Jane Shi: Two Poems
112   Cory Lavender: Lawson Roy on the Price of Lobster
113   Akshi Chadha: Two Poems
116   Chris Banks: Two Poems
119   Adam Dickinson: Two Poems
In the Mind's Tall Grass
127   Sylvia Legris: Lines with a corresponding suborder songbird
134   Richard Tillinghast: How to Get Here
135   Dan O’Brien: from Survivor’s Notebook
137   Laboni Islam: Two Poems
140   Dawn MacDonald: Sitting by the Kettle Lake Each Evening
142   Leontia Flynn: Three Poems
146   Erin Knight: Three Poems
149   Cassidy McFadzean: Poem With No Perspective
152   Boris Dralyuk: Two Poems
155   Kayla Czaga: Three Poems
159   Dave Hickey: Three Poems

180   Notes on Contributors

Ben von Jagow
The Closing Moments of Summer
Digital photograph