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No. 283 (Spring 2020)

Introduction: Sue Sinclair

Creative Nonfiction: Emily Pifer, Rebecca Givens Rolland

Fiction: Chris Bailey, Sandra Barnidge, Richard Kelly Kemick, Susie Taylor

Poetry: Joshua Ackerman, Devon Balwit, Dominique Béchard, Marvin Bell, Anne Compton, Emily Crompton, Adebe DeRango-Adem, Nome Emeka Patrick, Conor Kerr, Jennifer LoveGrove, Canisia Lubrin, Cassidy McFadzean, Christopher Merrill, Barbara Nickel, Dan O'Brien, Angela Sorby

Artwork: Crtis Botham

75th Anniversary Issue

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Introduction: Sue Sinclair

Advisory Board Introductions: Sharon Bala, Brian Bartlett, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Jo-Anne Elder, Rowan McCandless, Soraya Peerbye, Shannon Webb-Cambell

Contributors: Roy J. Adams, Mary Barnes, Brandi Bird, J.D. Black, Selina Boan, Nicole Breit, Brian Brett, Laurie Brinklow, Jake Byrne, Antony Di Nardo, Jo-Anne Elder, Tanya Evanson, Alyda Faber, Sue Goyette, Mackenzie Ground, Maureen Scott Harris, Maheen Hyder, shalan joudry, Jónína Kirton, Eva Kolacz, Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri, Lee Maracle, Rachel McCrum, Sofia Mostaghimi, Susan Musgave, Nolan Natasha, Cecily Nicholson, Arleen Paré, Barbara Pelman, E. Alex Pierce, Michelle Porter, Gabriel Robichaud, Ingrid Ruthig, Clarisse Baleja Saïdi, Anna Swanson, Michelle Sylliboy, Émilie Turmel, Arielle Twist, Jean Van Loon, Margo Wheaton.

Artwork: Sophie Hamidovic, Saman Sarheng, April White.

The Fiddlehead Supports Black and Indigenous Lives

The Fiddlehead recognizes the white supremacy at work in countries around the world, including Canada. We recognize its presence in literary culture, including our own organization, whose genre editors and staff are and have been predominantly white. We pledge to prioritize offering staff and editorial roles to Black, Indigenous and other equity-seeking people as these positions become available.

Rayanne Haines' Reading Recommendation

It is important to me to elevate the voices of female writers from my city. Voices that are rich, diverse and often lost in the shadows of larger cities like Vancouver and Toronto. In light of everything happening in the USA and around the world right now, it feels even more imperative to make sure I use this space to showcase a book from a Black author. This Is How We Disappear by Edmonton poet Titilope Sonuga is a book of raw beauty and fierce joy.

Revisiting our 2019 CNF Contest Winner!

Photo of Dafna Izenberg

Dafna Izenberg won the 2019 Creative Nonfiction Prize for “The Promised Language,” published in The Fiddlehead, No. 281 (Autumn 2019). Editorial Assistant Jaeden Langlois conducted the following interview with Dafna Izenberg about her relationship to the Hebrew language.

Remember The Fiddlehead's CNF Contest deadline is June 1st! You could win $2000! Ariel Gordon will judge the submissions.


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