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With this issue, The Fiddlehead enters its sixteenth year of continous publication, thus setting a record of longevity for 'little' magazines in Canada.

Restatement of Policy

Twice recently, the poetry appearing in The Fiddlehead and written by U.S. authors has been referred to by Canadian critics.


Exactly ten years ago, the first modest mimeographed issue of the Fiddlehead appeared young and green in a frosty world.

Twentieth Century Canadian Poetry

As a poet, Earle Birney has always interested and sometimes exalted me; as a novelist he intermittently amused me; but as an anthologist he exasperates me.

Theodore Goodridge Roberts

The romantic and adventurous spirit of Theodore Goodridge Roberts, who died in Digby, Nova Scotia, on February 24, found expression in his many novels and in the verse that he wrote and published during a life-time of seventy-six years.


The Fiddlehead has been published by the Bliss Carman Society of Fredericton since 1945.


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