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Their dog died yesterday from eating grapes.

Maggie's Farm

The girl and the boy speed further and further away from Piacenza, where they should have detrained.

Malarone Dreams

At sunrise I checked out of the Hotel Ajanta in New Delhi and met my new friend Sudesh in the lobby.

The Vastness of the Dark

On the twenty-eighth day of June, 1960, which is the planned day of my deliverance, I awake at exactly six a.m. to find myself, on the first day of my eighteenth year, listening to the ringing of the bells from the Catholic church which I now attend only reluctantly on Sundays.

The League of the Living Scripture

After hockey practice, one afternoon, it unrolls for you like the scroll of meat in a tin of tuna, or the rings of a tree from around the date of its beginning in a dot of sap.


The old woman across the street was watching Dr. Levy as he cleared the driveway.


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