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No. 294 (Winter 2023)

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Canadian Addresses

International Addresses


2024 National Magazine Awards One-of-a-Kind Storytelling Nomination: 
Lunar Cycle in Drought by Tazi Rodrigues





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6     Chris Benjamin: Fiction Contest Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
24   Tazi Rodrigues: Lunar Cycle in Drought  
90   J Brooke: Time Will Tell

7     Adèle Barclay: Here Be Dragons ISO
39   Kyra Smith: Shiver
47   Noriko Hoshino: Spring Migration
54   Alice Zorn: What the Dead Want
73   George McWhirter: The Accidental Separatist
99   Catherine A. O’Toole: Carmen

18   Abu Bakr Sadiq: Three Poems
21   Melody Wilson: Three Poems
35   John Wall Barger: Two Poems
37   Heather Ramsay: Sixteen
44   Kate Cayley: Two Poems
67   Krishnakumar Sankaran: Two Poems
69   Susan Gillis: Come In, Come In
71   Amanda Merritt: Drive
72   Brian Bartlett: A Dream of Speech
84   Ellie Sawatzky: Three Poems
89   Ronna Bloom: Being, being

104   Brian Bartlett: A Psalmist with Second Thoughts: The Poetry of Steven Heighton, Selected Poems 1983-2020, Steven Heighton
107   Clarissa Hurley: Surrealestate: The Quandary of Home in New Stories by Meghan Bell and Kate Cayley, Erase and Rewind, Meghan Bell, Householders, Kate Cayley
110   Lynn Davies: The Energy of Questions, I Am The Big Heart, Sarah Venart
113   Susan Haley: At least you’ll leave a shoe print, Postscripts from a City Burning, Sam Cheuk

117   Notes on Contributors

Robert Moore
Lady with the Hydro-Annihilator Super Soaker 6000 from “The Lost Rembrandts Collection”
Acrylic on canvas.
36 x 24 in.