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A Gothic Sensibility

Steven Price's collection, Omens in the Year of the Ox, is a fine example of the Gothic sensibility.

Masculine Athletics

Cataract City begins in the penitentiary darkness of the Kingston jail and, after a quick retrospective, sweeps into a childhood narrative that reads like an amped up Stand By Me.

The Enigma of Emile Petitot

At the centre of this multi-layered novel is the Oblate missionary priest, Emile Petitot, a fictionalized version of an actual person who, in 1862, travelled from France to work in northern Canada, where he spent twelve years.

A Twisted Splendour

Rachel lebowitz is quickly becoming one of the best collagist poets in Canada today.

Love, Spite, and Braided Doll Tresses

In her latest collection, Cynthia Flood compresses cumbersome moments, the bubbles of relationships, and years of history into fragmented, though trim, elliptical stories.

A History of Apocalypses

We're here because we're here because we're here, is the chant that haunts Rebecca Campbells debut novel The Paradise Engine, a story about cultists, New Age mysticism, apocalyptic visions, but also, as the song suggests, about place and the sense of local or Canadian identity.


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