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A Twisted Splendour

Rachel lebowitz is quickly becoming one of the best collagist poets in Canada today.

Love, Spite, and Braided Doll Tresses

In her latest collection, Cynthia Flood compresses cumbersome moments, the bubbles of relationships, and years of history into fragmented, though trim, elliptical stories.

A History of Apocalypses

We're here because we're here because we're here, is the chant that haunts Rebecca Campbells debut novel The Paradise Engine, a story about cultists, New Age mysticism, apocalyptic visions, but also, as the song suggests, about place and the sense of local or Canadian identity.

The Roots of Summer

I read the Hottest Summer in Recorded History at the beginning of summer in Fredericton, trying to use the poet's fifth collection as a meteorological medallion that conjures up the heat.

The Under-Singing

Vox humana is the name of an organ stop whose tones remind us of the human voice.

"An emotional logic"

A strange thing happens when you read erin Moure's translation of Lousie Dupre's Tout comme elle, no entitled Just Like Her.


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