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Archive Fever

It's intriguing to come upon a work of fiction that confirms an idea you've had for a long time but had never really articulated.

Oblique Glockenspiel

Adam Sol's fourth collection of poetry offers a panoply of subjects and forms that encompass music, philosophy, science, pop culture, politics, ethics, prose and drama.

A spinning reel of metaphor

Seldom do we encounter a poet who wields tremendous dexterity, and yet, chooses to [play with language instead of performing.

The Darkness Surrounding

Souvankham Thammavongsa's first collection, Small Arguments, was compiled from a series of handmade chapbooks.

A Gothic Sensibility

Steven Price's collection, Omens in the Year of the Ox, is a fine example of the Gothic sensibility.

Masculine Athletics

Cataract City begins in the penitentiary darkness of the Kingston jail and, after a quick retrospective, sweeps into a childhood narrative that reads like an amped up Stand By Me.

The Enigma of Emile Petitot

At the centre of this multi-layered novel is the Oblate missionary priest, Emile Petitot, a fictionalized version of an actual person who, in 1862, travelled from France to work in northern Canada, where he spent twelve years.


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