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No. 292 (Summer Creative Nonfiction 2022)

Canadian Addresses

International Addresses 








Click on the highlighted links to get a sense of what issue 292 has to offer!

6     Rowan McCandless: Summer 2022 Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
7     Ellis Scott: Nemea
13   Ellen McGinn: Tabernacle
21   Acadia Currah: Femme Fatales and The Lavender Menace
25   Yohani Mendis: Dungeons & Dragons Career Roll Crit Fail Table
28   Elizabeth Haynes: Seventeen Postcards
37   Fiona Tinwei Lam: Bad Days
45   Christina Brobby: On the Trail of Opportunity
55   Kathy Mak: Ma’s Herbal Sweet Soup
58   Megan Cole: It Could Have Been Me
74   Tanis MacDonald: Ricochet: An Arcade
79   Nicole Chatelain: Without a Net
83   Erin McGregor: Eulogy in Fragments
90   Jenny Ferguson: Floods and Other Disasters
92   Jessica Marsh: When It Rains
97   Angie Ellis: Unschooled
107   Sena Moon: This Is How You Let Go
113   Andrea Bishop: Good Dog
115   Shirley Harshenin: Invisible Walls: A Decentred Hermit Crab Sticky Note Narrative
124   José Teodoro: Cul-de-Sac
132   Ed Taylor: Combover
133   Yolande House: Your Contract Will Not Be Renewed (And You Have Two Months to Leave Job/Apartment/Country)
137   Heather Ramsay: I Found a Picture of My Great-Aunt
145   Amy Siegel: Your head is in the cloud, or, how to grieve in a pandemic
149   Isabella Wang: Memory Home Lane

156   Warren Heiti: The reality of wilderness, Forty-One Pages: On Poetry, Language and Wilderness, John Steffler
159   Susan Haley: With Earmarks of Memoir, Wreck, a very anxious memoir, Kelly Jo Burke & Approaching Fire, Michelle Porter
163   Ian Colford: “The Human Cost,” Horseplay: My Time Undercover on the Granville Strip, Norm Boucher
165   Emily Skov-Nielsen: “A student of morning,” Daystart Songflight: A morning journal, Brian Bartlett

169   Notes on Contributors

Cliff Turner
Beaverbrook Art Gallery Re-opening — Small 
Oil on canvas
24 x 24 x 1.5 in.


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