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Stop! Look! Listen!

Stop! Look! Listen!

Stop! Look! Listen! is your one-stop destination for The Fiddlehead's cultural engagement.

Introducing the Judges for our 27th Annual Literary Contest

Powell, L'Abbé. Houle, and Murakami

The Fiddlehead is pleased to announce the judges for our 27th annual literary contest! Kerry Lee Powell, this year's UNB Writer-in-Residence, is our fiction judge. And judging our poetry category are Sonnet L'Abbé, Jennifer Houle, and Sachiko Murakami. Our contest closes on December 1, 2017. See full contest submission guidelines here

Arcane 17

2017’s Summer Fiction Issue showcases great, sensuous stories from the east coast and west coast and around the world, including a wolf guarding a woman trapped in a crashed car, a teen’s fascination with shooting guns, a secret computer file and a zebra rug, flashers in the woods, a very funny exchange of old and young secretly sparring in a London restaurant, and of course, appropriation of Oscar Peterson’s piano bench in Australia.

Norman Dubie: The Details of Winter That Upset Us

By Ross Leckie, Editor.

I first came to the poetry of Norman Dubie as a student lurking in second-hand bookstores, finding bedraggled copies of his books, and taking them home with me. Well, I did pay for them, and then they paid me back. “These poems are as simple as ice,” I thought. Then I thought, “These poems are as damned complicated as ice. Slippery too.” If the devil is in the details, then so are the many gods of the living and the dead, and how we speak to them. 

Editorial 271: Spring Contest

Vivaldi’s spring arrives in stately majesty, in grand procession, replete with flounces of embellishment. How could you not love spring in Italy? The first movement of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 evinces a melancholy spring, with occasional crescendos of ebullience. This is also a symphony that takes the waking of Frère Jacques and transposes it to the minor mode to make a funeral dirge. It is a hunter’s funeral, with a procession of animals.