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No. 198 (Winter 1998)

Fiction: Brian Burke, Claire Rothman, Kenneth Radu, and Tom Wayman.

Poetry: David Manicom, Lynn Davies, Steve McOrmond, Gary Anderson, A.F. Moritz, Dan MacIssac, David Solway, Eric Miller, Richard Sanger, Anne Compton, Tom Wayman, Terrence Cox, Kerri Leigh, John B. Lee, J. Mark Smith, Jurgen Kuhlmeyer, Hugh Dunkerley, Selwyn Pritchard, Barbara Colebrook Peace, and Joy Hewitt Mann.

Reviews: Brian Bartlett, Dee Horne, M. Travis Lane, Sue Sinclair, and Ross Leckie.

No. 197 (Autumn 1998)

Fiction: Annabel Lyon, David W. Henderson, Brenda Lee Guest, and Chris Uren.

Poetry: Patrick Warner, Shaista Samreen Justin, Carol L. MacKay, Betty Cheriton, Julie Schroeder, Ian Gough, James K. Mossman, Ann Turkle, Kathy Sinclair, Adam Chiles, Jason Santerre, Chris Pannell, R.H. Schmitt, Lorette C. Thiessen, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Jennifer L. Salter, Darryl Berger, George Murray, Richard Stevenson, D.S. Martin, Degan Davis, Karen Davidson, Gordon Massman, Medrie Purdham, natalie stephens, Rebecca Fredrickson, Stephen Oliver, Catherine Owen, Hillel Schwartz, I.M. Chapman, and Mark Truscott.

Out of Place: Joan Barberis.

Reviews: Bill Bauer, Kent Thompson, Lisa Alward, Jeffery Donaldson, Dee Horne, and Ross Leckie.

No. 196 (Summer 1998)

Editorial: Ross Leckie

Poetry: Sue Sinclair, Brian Bartlett, A.F. Moritz, Annette Abma, Shane Rhodes, John Donlan, Jan Zwicky, Tim Bowling,  M. Travis Lane, Bert Almon, David Manicom, Eric Ormsby, Jeffery Donaldson, Derk Wynand, Pain Not Bread,  Christopher Patton, John Barton, Stephanie Bolster, Nancy Holmes, Olga Costopoulos, John Reibetanz, Carol Langille, Roger Nash, Elizabeth Stevens, Douglas Barbour, Jacqueline Hoekstra, Stan Rogal, John Kinsella, Tony Lopez, Sue Wheeler, Lorna Crozier, bill bissett, Eric Miller, Don McKay, John Streffler, Andrew Steeves, Liliane Welch, Catherine Greenwood, Jane Spavold Tims, Genevieve Lehr, Helen Humphreys, and Deni Béchard.

Reviews: Robert Gibbs, John Reibetanz, Sue Sinclair, M. Travis Lane, Shane Rhodes, and Ross Leckie. 

No. 195 (Spring 1998)

Fiction: Faith Jones, Frances MacDonald, Karen Smythe, and Timothy Taylor.

Poetry: E. Alex Pierce, Marlene Cookshaw, Eric Miller, Russell Thornton, Thomas O'Grady, Deirdre Dwyer, Hamish Guthrie, Tanis MacDonald, Amber Hayward, Tony Steele, Brent MacLaine, Camille Martin, Michael McCarthy, Catherine Moss, Miranda Pearson, Gabriele Guenther, Kathleen Nicastro, Robert Moore, James Gurley, Dominique Russell, Jeanne Marie de Moissac, and M.V. Feehan.

Reviews: Norman Ravvin, Richard Vaughan, E.J. Keogh, Gwyneth Hoyle, and M. Travis Lane. 

No. 194 (Winter 1997)

Fiction: David Hull, Mike Barnes, Leona Theis, and Judith Kalman. 

Poetry: Christine Lowther, Lee Elliott, Yvonne Blomer, M.F. Tierney, Laurence Hutchman, Chad Norman, Jason Santerre, David Cavanagh, Jeffery Statland, Lea Littlewolfe, Claude Liman, Jacqueline Bell, Elizabeth MacKiernan, Antony Di Nardo, Laurie Kruk, Bernice Friesen, Deborah Stiles, Maury Wrubleski, Shelley Darjnes, Nicola Aimé, and David Gravender. 

Reviews: Carol Malyon, Frances MacDonald, Bill Bauer, J.G. Keogh, and Ross Leckie. 

No. 193 (Autumn 1997)

Editorial: Ross Leckie.

Fiction: Urs Frei, Carol Malyon, Tilya Gallay Helfield, Lilian Nattel, Eva Stachniak, Kenneth Puddicombe, and Julie Crawford. 

Poetry: Julie Dennison, Alexandra Thurman, Margaret McLeod, Sue Sinclair, Tom Wayman, Alayna Munce, Ruth Mandel, Steve McOrmond, Anne Compton, David O'Meara, Florence Treadwell, J.M. Hull, Andrew Vaisius, Cheryl Mah, and Shawna Lemay.

Tribute: Fred Cogswell.

Reviews: Sue Sinclair, Ted Colson, Eric Tretheway, Barbara Colebrook Peace, Richard Vaughan, Ian Colford, and Ross Leckie.

No. 192 (Summer 1997)

In 1997, the advancement of technology was well underway. In the publishing community, there developed a fear of the decreasing demand for physical works of literature. The invention of the eBook was forecasted as the cause of death of the physical book. However, as we now know, that prediction never came true. I think many of us agree that reading a physical copy of a book is an experience that technology could never replace. Editor Bill Gaston predicted this outcome in the issue’s editorial, stating that this issue was published partially in response “to the ‘death of the book’ bleats from those tech mongers who are under the delusion that settling into or on our favorite chair, tub or beach with a book such as this somehow lost its appeal.” Although technology offers more convenient ways of consuming literature, nothing could replace the weight of a book between our hands and all the possibilities that it holds. And this all-fiction issue is among the largest published yet by The Fiddlehead, made to fit the bulging creative minds of our contributors and their stories. 

In the editorial, Bill Gaston proudly states “that there’s no country in the world better than we are at telling stories.” The issue offers a diverse symphony of writers. The Fiddlehead routinely includes established writers as well as newcomers and this issue is no different. Former UNB writer-in-residence and writer and filmmaker Kenneth J. Harvey is featured in the issue with his story, “Idling Car As Seen Through Fog.” Other contributors include Michael Crummey, Elisabeth Harvor, Alexander McLeod, and Michael Pacey. Holding this fiction issue in your hands reminds you of the weight a physical book holds for readers and writers in the literary community. 

Bailey Noiles 
Publishing Intern, March 2022 

No. 191 (Spring 1997)

Fiction: Michael Byrnes, Heather Duff, Gunnar Benediktsson, Rod Schumacher, and Carol Bruneau.

Poetry: Chris Chambers, David Waltner-Toews, Degan Davis, J.E. Durrant, Erina Harris, Séamus Ò Ceallaigh, Kristin Lord, Steven Laird, Maureen Hynes, Mia Anderson, Lenora J. Steele, Patricia Abram, Andrew Steeves, J.D. Carpenter, David Helwig, Cara Chamberlain, Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen, and Laura A. Wilder.

Review Articles: Peter Thomas, E. Elizabeth Rose, M. Travis Lane, and Kate Farrell. 

No. 190 (Winter 1996)

Fiction: Anne Simpson, J. Jill Robinson, Harold Horwood, Murray Logan, Heather Browne Prince, and Marilyn Gear Pilling.

Poetry: Janice Kulyk Keefer, Andrew Steinmetz, Jonathan Papernick, Liliane Welch, Kit Pepper, Patricia Young, Catherine Mamo, Ken Babstock, Dayv James-French, Ron Charach, Derek Webster, Karen Connelly, Chris Yurkoski, Sarah Fulton, Troy Jollimore, and Emily Cargan. 

Review Articles: Bonnie Ryan-Fisher, David Deaton, and Eric Hill. 

No. 189 (Autumn 1996)

Fiction: Michael Kenyon, Annabel Lyon, Sarah Withrow, John Krisak, Ann Copeland, E. Ukrainetz, Christian Petersen, Stan Dragland, and Jean MacNeil.

Poetry:  John George Fraser, Maureen Harris, Brian Henderson, Walter McDonald, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Colin Morton, Amy Barratt, Margo Button, Deidre Dwyer, Mike Belyea, Hannah Main-van der Camp, Michael Londry, Edmond Chow, John Donlan, Marcus Peddle, Lee Elliott, Lorna Drew, Sue Nevill, and John Terpstra.

Review Articles: Sky Gilbert, Maria Kubacki, and Shao-Pin Luo. 

No. 188 (Summer 1996)

Fiction: Tim Mitchell, Shelley A. Leedahl, Elisabeth Brink, Curtis Gillespie, David Carpenter, Pamela Donoghue, and Rhoda Rabinowitz-Green.

Poetry:  Michael Thorpe, Mark Farrell, Shari Andrews, Burns Foley-MacMillan, Coral Hull, David W. McFadden, Michael Winter, Sarah deLeeuw, Yvonne Trainer, Charlotte Davidson, Carmine Starnino, Barbara Nickel, Shree Ghatage, David Winwood, Heather Browne Prince, John Barton, Tara J. Hoag, Jeff Bien, Trevor N. Dekort, Eleonore Schõnmaier, Jane Aaron Vander Wal, Stan Rogal, Leonard Gasparini, Howard Wright, Dermot McCarthy, and John Tyndall.

Review Articles: E. Elizabeth Rose, Christian Petersen, and Gwyneth Hoyle. 

No. 187 (Spring 1996)

Fiction: Julie Roorda, Bill Gaston, Nancy Richler, Melissa Hardy, Irene Mock, and Anna Tuttle Villegas. 

Poetry: Terence Young, Carole Langille, Harold Rhenisch, Mary Cameron, Yiannis Ritsos, Rosemary Aubert, Joy Katz, Hilary Clark, Roo Borson, R.M. Vaughan, Rosemary Blake, Jay Schneiders, Randy Kay, Marlene Cookshaw, Barbara Folkart, and Andrew Gray.

Review Articles: Barbara Colebrook Peace, R.M. Vaughan, and Michelene Adams. 

No. 186 (Winter 1995)

Fiction: Mike Belyea, Richard René, Brooks McMullin, and Robert Finley.

Poetry: M. Travis Lane, Sue Wheeler, Thomas B. O'Grady, John Reibetanz, Mike Barnes, Judith Fitzgerald, Tom Wayman, Philip Gardner, Karl Meade, Jean McNeil, Mark Sanders, A.F. Moritz, Anne Simpson, Tim Bowling, Robbie Newton Drummong, Shane Rhodes, Lynn Davies, Gabriele Guenther, Allan Cooper, Terrance Cox, and Catherine Moss.

Review Articles: Jean McNeil, Sheila Hyland, and Richard Spacek. 

No. 185 (Fiddlehead Gold)

Introduction: Robert Gibbs.

The 1940s and 1950s: Bliss Carman, Alfred G. Bailey, Lenore Pratt, Dorothy Roberts, Alfred W. Purdy, Alden Nowlan, Irving Layton, D. G. Jones, Milton Acorn, Miriam Waddington, Felix Anselm, Lawrence P. Spingarn, Susan Vinton, Ralph Gustafson, C. Frederick Boyle, and Milton Acorn. 

The 1960s: Fred Cogswell, Kay Smith, M. Travis Lane, Gwendolyn MacEwen, Milton Acorn, Alden Nowlan, Sanford Sternlicht, R. G. Everson, Michael Ondaatje, James Dougherty, John Gill, Alden Nowlan, Dorothy Fraser, Elizabeth Brewster, Alden Nowlan, and Joy Kogawa.

The 1970s: Kent Thompson, Pat Lowther, Joyce Carol Oates, Eugene McNamara, rienzi crusz, Alistair MacLeod, Ralph Gustafson, Alden Nowlan, Robert Kroestch, E. J. Carson, Don McKay, Tom Wayman, Margaret Atwood, Douglas Glover, Pier Giorgio DiCicco, David Waltner-Toews, David Romtvedt, Bronwen Wallace, Catherine M. Buckaway Theresa Kishkan, Bert Almon, and Erin Mouré.

The 1980s: Peter Thomas, William Bauer, Lela Parlow, M. Travis Lane, David Adams Richards, Allan Donaldson, Carol Shields, Robert Gibbs, Fred Cogswell, Raymond Souster, Walter McDonald, Steven Laird, George Elliott Clarke, Kirk Wirsig, Robert R. Ward, Fred Johnston, Nathan Cervo, and Carl Leggo.

The 1990s: Don McKay, Ann Copeland, R. B. Richards, Liliane Welch, Derk Wynand, Greg Hollingshead, George Thaniel, Anna Synenko, Tim Lilburn, John Steffler, Anne Simpson, Cellan Jay, Don Domanski, Eric Ormsby, Susan Downe, Kim Roberts, Carole Langille, Karen Connelly, Joyce Marshall, and Lynn Coady.

Afterword: Don McKay.

No. 184 (Summer 1995)

Fiction: Carol Bruneau, Roger Burford Mason, Patrick Roscoe, Alan Cumyn, Susan Goyette, David P. Reiter, and Melissa Ivy Weissberg. 

Poetry: Sue MacLeod, Nadine McInnis, Alan R. Wilson, James Thurgood, Bruce Meyer, Jannie Edwards, Brian Wickers, dave margoshes, Jeanette Lynes, Salvatore Ala, Jill Solnicki: Water Lilies, Theresa Smalec, Maureen Hynes, Ron Charach, Shelley Darjes, Peter Richardson, Margo Wheaton, and Timothy Ellis.

Review Articles: David Deaton, Richard Vaughan, and Demetres Tryphanopoulos. 

No. 183 (Spring 1995)

Editorial: Don McKay.

Out of Place: Brian Bartlett.

Poetry: Anna Mioduchowska, Sue Wheeler, Méira Cook, Russell Thornton, Elisabeth Harvor, David and Steven Brundage, David Brundage, Lorna Crozier, Eric Miller, Carmelita McGrath, Jennifer Footman, and Anna Synenko.

Review Articles: Dennison Berwick, John Donlan, Bonnie Ryan-Fisher, and David Rothenberg. 

No. 182 (Winter 1994)

Fiction: Michael Crummey, Patrick O'Flaherty, Michael Gelfand, Peter Such, Eva Stachniak, and Steve Hayward.

Poetry: Barry Dempster, Anna Mioduchowska, Elizabeth Brewster, Kenneth Radu, Robert Alan Burns, Karen Connelly, Brian Henderson, Susan Lucinda Helwig, Audrey Poetker-Thiessen, William Nichols, Sarah Klassen, Douglas Barbour, Jean McNeil, Suzanne Bezuk, Margo Button, John B.Lee, and Paul Bowdring.

Review Articles: Peter Harley, Patrick Friesen, and Robert Hawkes.

No. 181 (Autumn 1994)

Fiction: Paul Bowdring, Stephen Guppy, Sarah Louise, Janice Soderling, and Lynn Coady. 

Poetry: Andy Stubbs, Louise Fabiani, Gigi Marks, Mary di Michele, Ross Leckie, David Jacobs, Dominique Russel, Kathryn MacLean, Marta M. Gassler, Michael Londry, A.E. Steinmetz, Liliane Welch, Mark Sanders, Tom Henighan, and Rachel Rose. 

Review Articles: Tim Lilburn and Karen Connelly. 

No. 180 (Autumn 1994)

Fiction: Joyce Marshall, Miriam Packer, Pia Jensen, Jim Meirose, B.N. Robinson, and Vivette J. Kady.

Poetry: M. Travis Lane, Alice Major, Barbara Nickel, J.D. Carpenter, Jane Spavold Tims, Michael D. Riley, Robert Foster, Shari Andrews, Heather McLeod, Kenneth C. Steven, Stephanie Bolster, Mary Ellen Csamer, Beth Goobie, Christopher Patton, Esta Spalding, Gregory M. Cook, Derk Wynand, Clive Thompson, Vivian Lewin, Zoë Landale, Sue Wheeler, Ruth Warat, and Christine C. Barton.

Review Articles: Mark Frutkin, M. Travis Lane, and Tony Tremblay. 

No. 179 (Spring 1994)

Fiction: Hannah Landecker, Kenneth J. Harvey, B.N. Robinson, Pamela Donoghue, and Robert Prince.

Poetry: Roger Nash, Susan Glickman, Su Croll, Evelyn Hanoski, John Pass, Olga Costopoulos, Kim Roberts, Steven Heighton, Jon Papernick, Russell Smith, Rosemary Blake, Carol Langille, Robert B. Richards, Susan Goyette, Lynn Davies, Mark Frutkin, Kathy Mac, Tom Wayman, Andrew Wreggitt, Brett Hursey, Marilyn Gear Pilling, and Karen Connelly.

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane, Dennison Berwick, and Richard Stevenson. 

No. 178 (Winter 1993/94)

Fiction: Joan Fern Shaw, Christian Petersen, Carolyn Struthers, Rabindranath Maharaj, and Chris Kent.

Poetry: Elizabeth Brewster, Nancy Holmes, David Helwig, Susan Sindall, Mark Cochrane, Carole Chambers, Coral Hull, Susan Downe, Ian Pople, Eric Hill, Heather Browne Prince, Eric Ormsby, Patrick Moran, Jason Heroux, Mark Washeim, Desmond Graham, Mary Cameron, David Winwood, Peter DeCourcy, and Michael Chitwood. 

Review Articles: Michael Kenyon, Richard Vaughan, and William Robertson. 

No. 177 (Autumn 1993)

Fiction: Paula Butler, J.M. Hull, C.R. Crackel, André LaPalme, and A. Colin Wright.

Poetry: Don Domanski, Joan MacLeod, Brian Bartlett, J. Michael Yates, Stan Rogal, Matt Santateresa, Janet Madsen, Phyllis Gottlieb, Bill Foxcroft, Gigi Marks, and Henry Israeli.

Review Articles: Monty Reid, Don Hannah, and Séamus Ceallaigh.

No. 176 (Summer 1993)

Fiction: Rai Berzins, Sonya Freedman, Greg Hollingshead, Claire Wilkshire, Séamus Ceallaigh, Terence Young, and Stan Rogal.

Poetry: Don Kerr, Peter Harley, Ivana Korotvickova, Don Gutteridge, Elisabeth Harvor, Hugh Williams, Michael Crummey, Paul Wilson, Henry Beissel, Jean McNeil, John Clark, Cellan Jay, Anne Fleming, Susan Johnston, Ida Fasel, Mark Sanders, and Howard Wright.

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane, Colleen Gillis, and Richard Vaughan. 

No. 175 (Spring 1993)

In the Spring of 1993, The Fiddlehead launched their 175th issue that included the winners of the Better Homes & Gardens Contest. The title of the magazine designates a newly born, young being before its eventual sprouting. The Fiddlehead creates a space for writers, a place for open expression and creativity. What better theme to choose for a contest than home and gardens? Editor Don McKay expresses in his editorial: “It was both edifying and moving to find our dwellings and animal companions so finely thought of and reflected in words.” The works submitted imitate a theme of domesticity that reflects The Fiddlehead’s purpose in creating a sense of belonging for new and experienced writers from all over. Its pages create an atmosphere of domesticity for literature. A home if you will.  

The poetry contest winner, “House Hunting/Home Dreams” by Kelley Jo Burke, is split into two narratives. One reflects the narrator’s thought process while house hunting and the other seems to describe a dream inside a house. Its duplicity also separates the themes of the poem: place and space, safety and danger. The poem’s narrator articulates the idea of home as a space, it is more than just a place, a building. Rather, it is a space that comes alive with the lives of those living within. Fiction winner Kathryn Woodward contributes her story, “Breeding True,” that is separated in an episodic manner following the progression of the seasons. There’s a focus on wars and ghosts, and trees and apples. Also included are a few honorable mentions, notably poems by David J. Paul, Bernadette Rule and a few more. The collection of works published in the issue accentuates the diversity and creativity of writing even when confined within the box of a theme. 

Bailey Noiles 
Publishing Intern, March 2022

No. 174 (Winter 1993)

Fiction: Alan R. Wilson, Jody Ivanick, John Webster, John Castlebruy, Anneliese Wagner, Christopher McPherson, and Anne Simpson.

Poetry: John Donlan, Arthur Bull, Ken Norris, Rawdon Tomlinson, Maureen Hynes, Victoria McCabe, Gail McKay, Glen Willmott, George Ellenbogen, Joelle S. Hann, John Watley, Sue Chenette, David Helwig, LeRoy Gorman, Stella Body, Joe Dougherty, Steven Heighton, Rhona McAdam, and David P. Reiter.

Out of Place: Tim Lilburn.

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane, Demetres Tryphonopoulos, and Kent Thompson. 

No. 173 (Autumn 1992)

Fiction: Dwight Kostjuck, Allan Barr, Greg Hollingshead, John Timmins, Shawn Malley, and Carla Douglas.

Poetry: Brian Bartlett, Pat Jasper, M. Travis Lane, David Punter, Kenneth Pobo, Cornelia Hoogland, John Steffler, A.F. Moritz, Eugene McNamara, Keith Maillard, Cory Brown, and Lenora Jean Steele.

Out of Place: Andy Patton.

Review Articles: Charles Israel and Christopher Wiseman.

No. 172 (Summer 1992)

Poetry: Catherine M. Buckaway, Martha Hillhouse, Fred Biggar, Andrew Stubbs, Colin Morton, Hugh Williams, B.Z. Niditch, John Terpstra, John Barton, Patricia Young, Elizabeth Yeoman, Steven Adams, Linda McNutt, Catherine Sasanov, Robert Cooperman, Elizabeth Brewster, Joan McBreen, Polly Wellenbach, Tim Bowling, David Etheridge, Steve Owad, Jill Solnicki, and Don Linehan.

Fiction: Anne Copeland, Marvyne Jenoff, and Fred Bonnie. 

Out of Place: Allan Weiss.

Review Articles: Bill Bauer and Elizabeth Brewster.

No. 171 (Spring 1992)

Fiction: Bryan Young, John Steffler, Stephanie Halldorson, and Brent White.

Non-Fiction: Martin Murie, Peri McQuay, and Brigid Grant. 

Poetry:  James Aitchison, David C. Carpenter, Cory Brown, Brian Bartlett, Tim Lilburn, Heather Spears, Diana Kiesners, Nicholas Rockel, Monty Reid, Tim Lilburn, Jody Didier, Sue Wheeler, Kristin Steege-Spatz, Maureen Harris, Fred Candelaria, Walter McDonald, Tom Wayman, Vivan Marple, David Ayer, Pamela J. Fulton, tristanne j. connolly, Barry Butson, Don Summerhayes, Carl Leggo, Ken Babstock, and T. Berto.

Review Articles: Andy Patton, John Donlan, and Sue Schenk.

No. 170 (Winter 1992)

Fiction: John Steffler, Tessie Gillis, L. J. Bright, Rai Berzins, and Brian Burke.

Poetry: beth goobie, Bernadette Rule, Daniel James Sundahl, John Donlan, John B. Lee, Sarah Klassen, Anna Synenko, T. Berto, Diane Reid, Robert Nagler, Wm. Meyer Jr.,  Jean McNeil, David Winwood, Harold Rhenisch, Tana Williams Runyan, Daniel O'Leary, Shari Andrews, Penny Villegas, Thomas Lannin, and Richard Harvor.

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane, Bill Gaston, and Robert Ian Scott. 

No. 169 (Autumn 1991)

Editorial: Don McKay.

Fiction: John Lavery, Linda McNutt, Mark Henderson, Warren Cariou, and Michael C. Kenyon.

Poetry: Barry Dempster, rienzi crusz, Gordon Meade, Richard M. Vaughan, Linda McNutt, George Thaniel, Leonard Neufeldt, Helen Humphreys, Joe Blades, Mark Henderson, Douglas Burnet Smith, Derk Wynand, Jim Nason, Betsy Struthers, Tom Lips, Allan Barr, Cory Brown, David P. Reiter, Barbara Slater, Darrell Dobson, Mark Sanders, Karen Connelly, and Carol Watersong.

Out of Place: James Buckwalter.

No. 168 (Summer 1991)

Fiction: Jennifer Mitton, Lawrence Mathews, Fran Kimmel, Greg Hollingshead, Robert Mullen, Martin Sherman, Byrna Barclay, and Carol Edelstein.

Poetry: Fred Cogswell, Beth Everest, Tessa Ransford, Hamish Guthrie, Jacqueline Larson, Hugh Ogden, Edward Gates, Tom Wayman, Ellen Drennan, Carla Hartsfield, Bill Stefanuk, Roger Nash, John Zanes, Jim Stevens, Henry Beissel, Michael Crummey, and Hume Cronwyn.

Out of Place: Chetan Rajani.

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane.

No. 167 (Spring 1991)

Editorial: Kent Thompson

Fiction: Lorna Jackson, Steven Heighton, Jake MacDonald, J. Mulrooney, and Nicholas Maes.

Poetry: Robert B. Richard, William Robertson, Gregory Betts, James Aitchison, Bruce Iserman, Elizabeth Harvor, Harold Rhensich, Ian Menzies, Lilane Welch, David Etheridge, and Roger Rinch.

Review Articles: Patricia Whitney and Diana Austin 

No. 166 (Winter 1990)

Fiction: J.J. Steinfeld, Mary Soderstrom, Kenneth Rady, John Timmins, Fred Bonnie, Allan Barr, and Patricia Nowland.

Poetry: M. Travis Lane, T. Berto, Walter McDonald, Saniel J. Sundahl, Kristopher Saknussem, Russell Smith, Fred Johnston, Eric Hill, Kathleen Wall, Wm. Meyer, Lake Sagaris, Lewis Horne, B.Z. Niditch, Shelley A. Leedahl, Roger Moore, and Rosemary Blake.

Review Articles: H. William Connor, Richard Paul Knowles, Lorna Drew, and Theresia Quigley. 

No. 165 (Autumn 1990)

Fiction: Edith Pearlman, Aryeh Lev Stollman, Robert Hough, and Scott Mackay. 

Poetry: Judith Wright, W. Dale Nelson, Steven Smith, Beth Goobie, John Barton, Glen Sorestad, Robert Cooperman, Gordon Johnston, Alan R. Wilson, Colleen Gray, Thomas J. Condon, David J. Paul, Richard Lemm, Glenn Hayes, Wayne Keon, Carolyn Page, C.E. Hull, and Roy Zarucchi.

Out of Place: G.S. Giscombe.

Review Articles: Eric Thompson, Geoffrey Cook, Don Precosky, Rita Donovan, Theresia Quigley, and Elizabeth Tilley.

No. 164 (Summer 1990)

Fiction: Eugene McNamara, Margaret Dyment, Leo McKay Jr., Anne Montagnes, and Carolyn Struthers. 

Poetry: Robert Hilles, David P. Reiter, Alfred G. Bailey, Nadine McInnis, Yvonne Trainer, Wayne Tompkins, April MacCormack, Nathan Cervo, Todd Swift, Naomi Rachel, Anne Kelly, and Gary Atlin.

Review Articles: Bruce Whiteman, Gregor Campbell, M. Travis Lane, and Harold Barratt. 

No. 163 (Spring 1990)

Editorial: Michael Taylor.

Fiction: Ann Copeland, Bill Gaston, Anne Slomka, Laurence de Looze, Susan Sonde, Sarah Louise, and Rai Berzins.

Poetry: Brian Burke, Steven Laird, Hillel Schwartz, Catherine Thys, Don Linehan, Elisabeth Harvor, George Whipple, Cory Brown, Naomi Spigle, Gail Fox, Moish Goldenberg, David Waltner-Toews, L. Cirino, Fritz Hamilton, dave margoshes, and Fred Cogswell.

Review Articles: Kent Thompson.

No. 162 (Winter 1989)

Editorial: Kent Thompson.

Fiction: Joan Fern Shaw, George Little, Fred Bonnie, and Claire Rothman.

Poetry: Robert B. Richards, Tom Wayman, Michael O. Nowlan, Charles Black, Robert M. Chute, Carl Leggo, Mark Henderson, Gerard Anthony Donovan, Lorne Simon, Marcus Rayner, Steven Heighton, Mike Barnes, and Anne Cumming.

Out of Place: Philip Milner.

Review Articles: Boyd Holmes, David Kosub, M. Travis Lane, and Pam Lougheed. 

No. 161 (Autumn 1989)

Fiction: Greg Hollingshead, Peter Stockland, Dan McIsaac, Sharon Pywell, and Kenneth Radu.

Poetry: Elizabeth Brewer, Kwame Dawes, Valerie Kline, Harold Rhensich, Gillian Norris Szanto, Cornelia C. Hornosty, John V. Hicks, Jamie Dopp, Charles Lillard, Mac McArthur, Ron Miles, Phyllis Rowan, Ian Menzies, Shari Andrews, and Uzo Esonwanne.

Interview: Claude Lebouthillier by Martine Jacquot.

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane, Geoffrey Cook, and Lorna Drew.

No. 160 (Summer 1989)

Fiction: Elizabeth Gifford, Aryeh Lev Stollman, Bruce Hunter, Rose Scollard, Kirk H. Wirsig, and Rebecca Raglon.

Poetry: Barry Dempster, David Hull, Roger Moore, bptruscott, Gary Lundy, Ken Norris, Robbie Newton Drummond, Howard Wright, Dorothy Roberts, George Elliott Clarke, Blaine Marchand, Michael Crummey, Marsha Truman Cooper, Mark Sanders, Gail McKay, Guy M. Fuller, Lynn Crosbie, Rod Anderson, David Manicorn, Nathan Cervo, D.C. Reid, and Griffin Ondaatje.

Review Articles: Don Murray, Bruce Whiteman, Don Precosky, Gerald Noon, and Raymond E. Jones. 

No. 159 (Spring 1989)

Fiction: Helen Weinzweig, Ruth Latta, John Webster, J.J. Steinfeld, and Scott Mackay. 

Poetry: M. Travis Lane, Kurt Skov-Nielsen, David Emonds, David Winwood, Allan Cooper, Wm. Meyer, J. Waddington, Bruce Iserman, Heather Prince, William B. Robertson, Walter McDonald, Joan Harmon, and Brian Bartlett.

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane, A.C. Morrell, Rita Donovan, and Eric Thompson. 

No. 158 (Winter 1988)

Fiction: Brian Burke, Doug Johnson, Randeane Tetu, Stephen Boston, and Dorothy Speak.

Poetry:  Rosemary Blake, Lorinda Peterson, Carol Langille, John Barton, Lynn Harting-Ware, Mark Sanders, Brian Walker, Barbara Wood, Bethany Reid, Gail Fox, Stan Rogal, John Ditsky, Jeff Worley, and D. Nielsen.

Out of Place: Bernice Morgan.

Review Articles: Kay Tudor, and Michael Estok.

No. 157 (Autumn 1988)

Poetry: Karen Connelly, Joanne Weber, Uzo Esonwanne, Michael Estok, Robert Hilles, Toni Sammons, Lora Berg, Ramona Dearing, Laurie Block, John Steffler, Alan R. Wilson, Robert Cooperman, Fritz Hamilton, Pascal Dennis, and K.L. Davidson

Fiction: S. Kerslake, Norene Smiley, Cyril Dabydeen, Bonnie Laing, and David Etheridge

Reviews: Margaret Harry, Robert Dole, Rita Donovan, Anthony Brennan, Harold Barratt, and Raymond E. Jones 

No. 156 (Summer 1988)

Fiction: Shirley-Dale Easley, Katherine Soniat, Hugh Walsh, Andrew Borowski, B. D'Andrea, J. Lesie Bell, Michael J. McCann, and Ray Smith

Poetry: Robert B. Richards, Pat Jasper, Tessa Ransford, David Reiter, Dermot McCarthy, Valerine Kline, Kenneth McRobbie, Richard Muegge, Rod Anderson, Nathan Cervo, Cory Brown, Nina Falkowska, and Patricia Young

Review Articles: Andrea Bear Nicholas, M. Travis Lane, Robert Dole, Douglas Glover, Kwame Dawes, and Martin Ware

No. 155 (Spring 1988)

Fiction: Douglas Glover, Kwame Dawes, and Diane Schoemperlen

Poetry: LLoyd Abbey, Heather Cadsby, Edward Gates, Judith Krause, Lynda Cassels, Irmelind-Elizabeth Couto, Mary-Lynn Murphy, Sarah Klassen, John V. Hicks, Laurie Anne Whitt, Derek Robinson, Mike MacNeil, Beth Gray, Anne Swannell, Susan Sindall, Nancy Smith, James Warner, Luella Kerr, and W.J. Keith

Out of Place: Lesley Choyce

Review Articles: M. Travis Lane, Douglas Glover, A.C. Norrell, Steve Noyes, and William Connor

No. 154 (Winter 1987)

Fiction: Jennifer Mitton, Joan Clark, Patrick O'Flaherty, and Ann Copeland.

Poetry: Yvonne Trainer, Helen Frost, D. Pierce, Harold Souster, Roger Moore, Joan Fern Shaw, Elizabeth Woods, George Newcombe, Derk Wynand, Mia Anderson, and Fred Cogswell.

Out of Place: Michael J. Mombourquette.

Review Articles: Kent Thompson, Anthony S. Brennan, and M. Travis Lane.

No. 153 (Autumn 1987)

Fiction: Keith Harrison, Eugene McNamara, Walter Caniparoli, K.A. Winter, Heather Prince, John MacEwen, and Steve Noyes.

Poetry: John Glenday, Kay Smith, Tom Wayman, Randy Campbell, Mark Sanders, David Winwood, Walter McDonald, Steven Heighton, Wm. Meyer, Jay Treiber, John P. Zanes, Joan Crate Taylor, and Fred Johnston.

Out of Place: Medina Stacey

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, John Mills, Fred Cogswell, Jon Kertzer, Margaret Conrad, Theresia Quigley, and Elizabeth Brady.

No. 152 (Summer 1987)

Fiction: Beth Harvor, Stewart Moore, Jan Thornhill, and George Little.

Poetry: Mark Henderson, Dorothy Roberts, Suzanne Owens, Robert Burt, Ken J. Harvey, Dayv James-French, Kirk Wirsig, Allan Cooper, Don Lineham, Robert R. Ward, Hugh Nelson, Robert Cooperman, Oliver Lovesey, Naomi Spigle, and Michael Pacey.

Interview: Martine Jacquot 

Reviews: Harold Barratt, A.C. Morell, Theresia Quigley, Alan R. Young, and Rita Donovan.

No. 151 (Spring 1987)

Essay: Christina Sabat.

Art: Bruno Bobak.

Poetry: Robert Gibbs, W.O.R. Kearley, Jill Newman Solnicki, Bruce Iserman, Lorelei Austen, Mark McCawley, Carl Leggo, Leonard Koza, Charles Lillard, Nathan Cervo, Hillel Schwartz, Kenneth Radu, Joan Harmon, David Manicorn, Fritz Hamilton, Rai Berzins, Cathi Grandfield, John O'Neill, Robert M. Chute, Kurt Skov-Nielson, and Stan Rogal.

Fiction: Leon Rooke, Julie Houghton Kieth, Scott Mackay, and Bruce Eason.

Out of Place: Bonnie Laing.

Reviews: Diana Austin, M. Travis Lane, Michael Thorpe, and Allison Mitcham.

No. 150 (Winter 1986)

Editorial: Michael Taylor.

Fiction: Roma Bross, Suzanne Collins, Chris Kent, Janet Howarth, Helen Coy, Steven Laird, Bill Gaston, and J. J. Steinfeld.

Poetry: Constance Sawyer, Ron Charach, Richard Sommer, John Nevin McDowell, Alice Major, John Barton, Elizabeth Brewster, A. Bushkowsky, Jim Thomas, and Steven Laird.

Reviews: Robert Gibbs, Michael Estok, and Eric Thompson.

No. 149 (Autumn 1986)

Fiction: Noel Hudson, C. A. Welldon, E. D. Kwapisz, Connie Barnes Rose, Adrian Belshaw, G. E. Campbell, and Justin Lewis.

Poetry: D. MacKinnon, Fred Johnston, Nathan Cervo, David Winwood, Robyn Supraner, Aaron Scneider, Jill Newman Solnicki, I. M. Steven, Michelene Adams, Timothy Muskat, and Steven Heighton.

Reviews: M. L. Scott, Anthony Boxell, Michael Estok, Richard Paul Knowles, Kathleen Tudor, and Gerald Noonan.